Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Your Own Bed

We made it.
I know you were worried.
Except that you didn't know we were gone, so you couldn't have been worried.
Just the same, we made it home, in spite of snowy conditions.

We've been at Jason's parent's house for a few days.
We had some Christmas gifts to deliver.
And some Hallmark movies to watch with Jason's grandma.

The snow...oh the snow...
It started last night and might stop sometime tomorrow.
When we got home tonight I suggested we go to the grocery store... case we got snowed in until spring.

We chose to go to the store closest to our home.
After being stuck at a turn light that never turned green, behind many cars who didn't dare move, we turned around.
Plan B was the next closest store to our house.
We were stuck there too, due to an accident somewhere ahead of us.  We turned around.

Plan C was the next closest store to our house.
A semi was blocking the main lane of traffic.  We couldn't go anywhere.
We turned around.

Plan D was the store closest to my mom's house.
Amazingly we made it.
And two hours later we were home with our groceries.

This afternoon I stopped in at my parent's house to say hi.
My dad was happy to see me.
"I'm so glad you are here.  I've been worried all day that you wouldn't get through the mountain pass without problems.  Those roads are horrible during a snow storm."
It's nice to know he still worries.
As I sat at the table eating a slice of my mom's perfect homemade bread, my dad told me the plans for his latest and greatest business idea.
..."and to top it off we can sell hot dogs and...and...and...what are those chips covered in cheese called?"
"Nachos Dad?"
"Yeah, hot dogs and nachos."
He'll probably not live that down for a little while.

I'd like to tell you something.
Something that makes me want to cry.
Something that makes me want to cry for a long time.
I walked out of the bathroom this afternoon and Jason's eyes went straight to my stomach.
"Noelle, are you...?"
"Yes Jason, I think I am starting to show.  Don't ask me how that's possible this early."
And then for good measure I added, "And stop looking at my stomach.  It's fat okay?"
He laughed and hugged me.
And while he hugged me I wiped away a tear...or two.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh how I love the food.
Oh how I don't love that eating the food makes me as sick as it does.

Christmas at our house was lovely.
Simply lovely.
Santa was good to us.

You can probably guess who got what.

My sister-in-law throws a smashing Christmas Eve party every year.
The highlight of the evening is always the white elephant gift exchange.
This year was no different.

My sister picked a box and began to unwrap it.
I didn't count but she unwrapped at least 25 layers of paper.
When she finally got to the box there was a note that read, 'Your present is in the hall.'
She walked to the hallway and then squealed.
This is what was in the hallway:

A life-size image of Agent Gibbs from NCIS.
We all love NCIS and Rachel thought this the perfect gift.
When it was my turn to pick a gift, I stole Gibbs from Heather.
(We can do that in our white elephant game.)
Amazingly I ended up keeping Agent Gibbs and brought him home with me.

I opened the door to my office tonight and found this:

I screamed and then told Jason that I was going to hate him for as much time as it took my heartbeat to return to normal.
He was on the phone with his sister and could NOT stop laughing.

Speaking of Jason...
Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I heard this from his side of the bed:
"If we ever get divorced I get the TV, and the Blue Ray Player."
I responded with, "Okay but I get the bed."
"But..." Jason started to say.
"You have a choice.  I get the bed or the piano."
"But the piano is mine!" Jason cried.
"You are the one who started this conversation," I reminded him.
I'm pretty sure he got everything divided equally in his head.
I was asleep long before he got there though.

Oh...and when I wake up at 2:30am starving to death, Jason thinks it's funny.
He's skating on thin ice...
Very thin ice.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

My parents didn't have money when I was a young girl.
I don't think I knew that as a child - but if I had been more observant the signs were there.
We had to ask to have a drink of milk, and were sometimes told no.
We had to ask if there was enough hot water to take a shower.
Our clothes were hand-me downs from cousins.
And sometimes our dinners consisted of pieces of bread in a bowl of milk. 

I remember looking forward to Christmas each year with so much excitement.
I was a horrible snoop and would search the entire house looking for gifts that were hidden away.
There was only one year I couldn't find them. 
We would all squeal with excitement on Christmas morning as we opened our treasures.
My favorite Christmas was the year I got a tape by The Bangels, with the song Manic Monday on it.  I listened to that tape over and over again.
Christmas Day was always magical until we went to our family Christmas party.
My cousins, who grew up with money, would show us their new toys and clothes and then ask the question, "So what did you get for Christmas?"
And somehow, that tape by The Bangels didn't hold as much magic as it had earlier in the day.

One year I was snooping in the garage looking for what Christmas morning would bring.
High up on a shelf I saw several large black garbage bags that I hadn't noticed before.
I climbed up on Dad's work bench and stood on my tippy toes to look inside the bags.
What I saw took my breath away.
There were Cabbage Patch dolls, and toys, and beautiful Christmas dresses.
I knew it was going to be the best Christmas ever.
Later I learned that our dear neighbor Pearl Powell had been the one to give us Christmas that year.

Eventually Dad finished school, started his career and was blessed financially.
He and Mom have never taken those blessings for granted.
My parents do everything that they can to bless the lives of others, just as Pearl did for us.
I remember a time when Dad heard of a man who called the church, wanting to sleep on the lawn so that he could come to church the next morning.
Dad drove to the church, talked with the man, and invited him home...where he stayed with us for four days before he continued on his journey.  We had some of his things in our garage for months.

Another time Dad saw a car slide off the road during a heavy snowstorm.  He made his way to where the car was stuck, and brought the cold and scared passengers of that car home where he made them something warm to drink, and gave them blankets to cuddle in until a tow truck could get their car.

At times my parents acts of kindness have been small.  At other times those acts of kindness have been life- changing for people. 

Just the other day a man showed up at work and asked my mom if he could do some work around the nursery to earn enough money to fill his propane tank (so that he could continue to heat the truck where he was living) and to buy his grandson a toy truck for Christmas.  Mom sent him to Dad, and Dad put him to work sweeping and cleaning up around some construction that Dad and my brothers are doing.  Later I asked Dad, "Did you give him the $15 he asked for?"  Dad answered, "I gave him enough to get through the weekend, and I told him to come back on Monday."

I talked to my mom ten minutes ago.  She was on her way to pick up a young girl who just moved in up the street.  She is taking her shopping to buy Christmas gifts for the girl's family, who will have nothing otherwise.

My dad and mom taught me an important lesson...a lesson that I try to remember all year long and not just at Christmas time.  The lesson is simply this:  rather than ask 'what did I get?' ask 'what did I give?'

Thank you Mom and Dad.  Thank you for teaching me the things that really matter in life.

And to all of you, may your Christmas be filled with God's love...because it is there, in abundance

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Too Tired To Form A Complete Sentence

Jason left this morning to go to Colorado.
Who goes to Colorado four days before Christmas?
I asked him to please not get in a car accident and die.
"So bodily injury is fine as long as I don't die?"
That's what he asked.
"Please don't get in any sort of accident at all."
"It's Christmas.  And we're going to have a baby."
He kissed me and promised he would come back home.
I might have cried when he drove out of the driveway.

You'll be glad to know that Christmas in Utah won't have to be cancelled after all.
We got snow.
Lots and lots of snow.
It's been snowing since last night.
It really is beautiful.

How do you feel about me finding mouse footprints on my desk every morning when I come to work?

Monday, December 20, 2010

There Is A Lot Of Random In This Post

I finished my Christmas shopping for Jason over the weekend.  He will either love what I got him or hate it.  I guess I'll find out soon enough.  He finished his shopping too...and I have a suspicion he went over the budget.  Granted, I may or may not have gone over the budget as well but...hey, I'm pregnant...I can't be held accountable.

We went to 5 Guys Burgers for dinner.  They have these incredibly massive hamburgers and enough french fries to feed all of ...well, to feed my brother Jared.  One would think I would be completely satisfied with that meal.  One would be wrong.  By 11:00 that night I was starving.  S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G.  I thought about what might taste good to me.  I ended up toasting a bagel and covering it with tuna fish.  Jason laughs at me.  He can laugh at me all he wants.  Because even while he's laughing he will still go to the store and buy vanilla ice cream and root beer so that I can have a root beer float.

In other news, I fired my sister from being my pregnancy counselor.  As it turns out, she neglected to give me some very vital information about being pregnant.  Information like 'you will feel like your stomach will explode at any moment because of ... to put it bluntly ... gas.'  Also, she neglected to tell me that my stomach muscles would feel like they are being ripped apart.  In her defense she claims that never happened to her - not once in her four pregnancies.  But still...
I'll probably hire her again tomorrow, but as of last night she was fired.

Speaking of pregnancies...and babies...I'm going to steal a picture off of Facebook and post it here, for you to see.  Hopefully I won't get fired from looking at pictures on Facebook.  Hold on a moment while I attempt to break and enter.....

Is it really breaking and entering when I left a message telling her I was going to post this picture?

This is my sister's friend (the sister I just fired).  They were BFFs in high school.  She's a twin with a boy.  My sister is also twins with a boy.  The boys were BFFs too. Oh...and I went on a date with their older brother once.  I knew it wouldn't last when he sped right over a railroad track, completely disregarding the stop sign.  And considering the fact that my cousin was killed by a train...but that's not part of the story.

Sadly...the two little ones in this picture were once three...but I'm sure they will grow up hearing how much their mommy and daddy loved their sister.

I love everything about this picture.  And I'm so amazed by this mommy's strength. 

It wouldn't be a proper Monday without a tale of Trouble would it?

That Trouble...

Here's a recent picture.  She's just making herself comfortable while her cousin explains the rules to the game he's making up.

My sister made bread twists for dinner yesterday.  Bread twists that were twisted around wooden sticks. 
Trouble thought the stick made a perfect magic want.  She spent the entire meal waving that wand and turning people into horses, frogs, and princesses.

"Abra Cadabra" is what she tried to say.  Instead it came out like..."tadabra tadabra..." except not that.  Baby Sister and I can't say it how she said it.  Trust was cute.

After Trouble tired of playing Fairy God Mother she took her magic wand and hit it against her glass full of water.  Every few minutes my sister would reach out and swipe Trouble's wand, causing Trouble to go in search of another.

After Becca had confiscated the last wand Trouble said, "HEY!  Give me my wand."  Becca smiled and said, "You made me the queen remember?  And the queen says 'No More Music.'"

That little Trouble..she stood on her tip toes on a chair, to give herself as much height as she could, and pointed her finger at Becca and said, "Tadabra tadabra, I turn this queen into a frog!"

Even at midnight when we should have been asleep, Jason and I were still laughing about Trouble's antics.

I think I'll spare you any more -

Except this: after dinner last night I was taking a nap in the living room.  Trouble came and climbed into my lap and snuggled herself into me.  She said, "I'm going to take a nap too."  She put her arm around me and whispered, "I like you."  And then, just as I was almost asleep, that little Trouble turned into a rooster.  She sat straight up and "Cock A Doodle Dooed' as loud as she could and said, "It's morning Well!" 

Bless her heart.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crayola Goodness: Love, The Family

There was a time in the Girl's life where she was treated unfairly.
She was accused of doing something she didn't do.
She was judged wrongly.
And as a result, she was prevented from doing something.
Something that could have been life-changing for the Girl.
The Girl was sad.
The Girl's family did something to help cheer the Girl up.
The Girl LOVES her family because they are ALWAYS there for her.

If you need to be cheered up, let the Girl know.
Her family will have just the trick.

Where Are My Sisters When I Need Them?

I've spent the last hour trying to create a Christmas letter.
I'm failing.
To make it worse...Becca AND Baby Sister are both gone today.
Without them I am toast.
But not burnt toast.
Because who likes the smell of burnt toast?

And I'm already sick of saltine crackers.

How's your day going?


I said I would do it...

Dear Friends,
May you never ever ever use the company Slendid Sparrow for your blog design.
And if you have, I hope she didn't take your money and disappear.
And if you wanted to send the designer an email, telling her how she should make good on her contract to me: or

End. Of. Story.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Might Be My Longest Post Ever

Becca Update

She balanced her checkbook for the first time since 1987.
I am so proud.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My lovely friend Amy sent me an email with at least 72 questions about my newly announced pregnancy.
Dear Amy, this post is for you.

1. You had a family event for the test?

My mom called me one day and begged...pleaded...for me to come to her house to help my sister put lights on Mom's Christmas tree.  
I bought a pre-lit tree for a reason.
I told her I would help as long as she had gloves I could wear.
I am NOT a fan of sap all over my hands, although I enjoy the smell.
She had gloves. 
I helped.

Heather took the front of the tree and I took the back.
During a pause in our conversation I whispered to Heather, "I might be pregnant."
"Why do you think that?" was Heather's response.
That girl Heather, she's a no nonsense kind of girl...she needs facts and proof.
"I'm late," I told her.
"How late?"
"I'm not could be a lot or it could be just a few days.  I wasn't keeping track."
"Buy a test."
"No...I'm probably not pregnant, it's okay."
"Noelle, buy a test."
"I'm going to wait a  week, and then I will."
That girl Heather, she handed me a strand of Christmas lights, took my debit card, and disappeared.

15 minutes later she handed me a box and gave me a look.
Heather scares me so I took the box and did my own disappearing act.
I looked at the test and read 'negative.'
I thought it was negative.
I told Heather as much and she shook her head and said, "Let me see it."
"Noelle, you are pregnant."
"No I'm not.  There isn't a plus symbol."
"Noelle, I've done this four times.  You are pregnant."
And then I passed out, while Mom squealed.
(Okay, I didn't pass out.)

2. How long have you known?

5 days longer than you have known.
I had this debate in my mind.
To tell or not to tell.
I told my family.
Jason told his parents.
And then I thought, "You should wait 3 months...just to make sure everything is okay."
But THEN I thought, "But my blogging world is like my family and even if things end up not being okay, I want them to know."

3. When are you due?

Sometime in August.

4. How thrilled are you?  On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being 'this was not planned and I can't handle it and 10 being 'over the moon?'

Somewhere in the middle.
I mostly don't believe it yet...except there's that ever-present hunger, and exhaustion more than I've ever experienced before.
I told Jason last night that I was scared.
That was right after I told Jason I was going to cry and he shouldn't worry because I had no reason to cry.

5. How are you feeling?

You know, I've been sick for so long this seems like a piece of cake.
It's amazing actually.
All of my other symptoms - the dizziness, the headaches, the general feeling like I would rather die - they disappeared weeks ago and I've felt almost normal.
... as long as I carry saltine crackers wherever I go...

6. Have you been to the doctor?

January 19th will be my first appointment.

7. Do you care if it's a boy or a girl?

In my heart I hope it's a girl.
But that's because of a dream I had a hundred years ago.
That's a story for another time.
But take that away, and I just want a healthy baby.
ONE baby.
I have a fear there are two.

8. Does Jason care it it's a boy or a girl?

No, I don't think he does.
He refers to the baby as a girl though.

9. Did he smile bigger than we've ever seen?

No, I think he was sick to his stomach.
He doesn't believe it's real.
I've taken 2 tests to prove it to him.
Although I feel asleep to him listing boy names the other night.

10. Do you feel totally different yet?

I have these moments...moments where I think 'I have a baby growing inside of me.'
'I am going to be this baby's mother.'
'I am creating a life.'
And then I cry.
And go in search of anything that resembles Mexican food... 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming Soon...ish...To The Because Nice Matters Family Near You


Between 6 year old Gabi and myself:

At some point during Grandma's funeral Gabi came and snuggled next to me on the seat.  My cousin stood to sign a song.  (That doesn't say sing, it's says in sign language.)  Gabi sat up straight in her seat and began to mimic my cousin.  It was amazing to watch.  She was focused and serious, and did exactly what my cousin did.

After a few minutes Gabi stopped and leaned over to me and whispered, "The hard parts are kind of confusing."

She watched my cousin, and then began signing again.  When the song was over Gabi leaned into me and whispered, "Can I do that for someones funeral?"

"Of course you can.  You will just have to practice," is what I told her.

"Or maybe I could sing a song," Gabi continued.

"Do you want to sing at my funeral some day?" I asked Gabi.

She thought about it and then said, "No, I want to speak at your funeral." 

So there's that.  I've already got my key note speaker.

Between Jason and me:

We were at the grocery store.  I had walked up and down several isles and finally thought of something that sounded good.  "Jason, I think we should get some chicken taquitos."   His response to my statement was this, "Who do you need to talk to?" 

Taquito/ talk to ... It's a stretch but I guess I can see the confusion.

 Between Trouble and her Grandpa:

Trouble was riding home from the funeral with Grandpa and Grandma.  She loves her Grandpa.  In fact, after the funeral I was carrying her to the car and we passed Grandpa.  She smiled at Grandpa and said, as if she were talking to a baby, "Hi Grandpa poo poo."  I cracked up.

Grandpa had just driven past a steel plant and Sami saw steam coming out of one of the machines.

"Grandpa, that's steam" she said.

Dad was surprised and said, "Sami, how do you know that's called steam?"

Sami shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know."

"Where does steam come from?" Grandpa asked her.

"Water," she said.

Dad was impressed and decided to test her further.

"Sami, where does smoke come from?"

Sami thought about it for a minute and said she didn't know.

Dad tried a different approach.  "Sami, when you build a fire in your fireplace what comes out of the chimney?"

Sami's response was almost immediate. 

"Santa Clause."

Dad laughs every time he tells that story.

And one more between Trouble and her grandpa:

Trouble was hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
She wanted to do a big floor puzzle but couldn't do it by herself.
"Grandma, can you help me do this puzzle?" she asked.
I knew that Grandma was incredibly busy and I saw that Dad was just about to walk through the front door.
I suggested that Trouble ask her Grandpa to help her.
She followed Grandpa into his office and asked, "Grandpa, can you help me with my puzzle?"
He told her that he couldn't until he finished with his project.
Trouble responded with, "But Grandpa, you strong boy and I need help with my puzzle."
Grandpa followed Trouble out of the office and said to mom and me, "I'm strong boy."
He sat on the floor and helped Trouble with not only one puzzle, but two.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hooray For The Weekend!

If you knew how long it took the girl to color this silly picture...
... it would explain the shortness of this post.

And really, my little sister is doing amazingly well, and we recognize that she has been very blessed.
Thank you again, for your love, prayers, and concern on her behalf.
The girl's life is better because all of you are in it.


If you paid a blog designer a deposit and then she disappeared forever would you:

A. publish her email and ask for your friends to send her a mass of emails
B. publish her website on your blog and write a not so friendly review
C. None of the above
D. All of the above

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's With Permission

That I tell you the most recent events in the Because Nice Matters family.

My beautiful sister was married in June, and was hopeful that it wouldn't be too long before she could announce that she was having a baby.
She's wanted a baby since she was 12.
Last month she announced that she was expecting, and she was thrilled.
She has high hopes for twins, and when she started to show earlier than normal, those hopes went even higher.

Last Friday Tiffany called my mom in tears and said that she thought she was miscarrying.
My sister called her doctor and he said, "Don't give up on the baby yet.  Come in on Monday and we'll see what's going on."
Tiffany had her appointment yesterday.
What started out as a fetus, developed into a fast growing tumor in Tiff's uterus.
The tumor, if left untreated, could spread throughout her body in a short matter of time.
She is going in for surgery at 6:00 a.m. to remove the tumor and to clean out her uterus.
They took x-rays today to see if the tumor has spread to her other organs.
Tiff won't know the results until she goes in for surgery.
They won't know if the tumor is cancerous until they do the surgery.
A normal pregnant woman has HCG levels in the thousands; Tiffany's are close to one million.
If the HCG levels don't even out soon, Tiffany will have to do chemotherapy.

Tiffany is looking at the bright side.
She said to her doctor today, "You mean there is a reason I'm fat?  Besides just being fat?"
He laughed and told her that had she waited even two more months, she would have looked 9 months pregnant.
Tiffany is tough as nails, seriously.  And I know that she will come out of this okay.

If I were a person who talks to God...
And I am...
I might be asking for a small break for a little while...
The Because Nice Matters family has gone through more than their fair share the last several months...
It was said once of my great-great-grandma that she was made of sterling stuff...
God's probably just testing to see if we're made of the same.

I love you little sister, and I'll be a phone call away if you need me.

The World Needs More Sisters

A few weeks ago Becca and I went to dinner with some girlfriends.
They were trying to talk Becca into starting a blog.
"How are we supposed to know what you're doing with your life?" they wanted to know.
Where I check my email at least once every two minutes, Becca checks hers at least once every two weeks.
Becca has a Facebook account but I'm sure she can't remember the last time she was on it.
Our friend's concerns were valid.
I told them that I would give them updates about Becca on my blog.
Here's their update:

Becca nearly chopped her finger off on Sunday.  That happens when you are using an electric chopper and stick your finger in the blades to clean out the onions that are stuck, without ever turning the chopper off first.
Becca showed me her finger last's still bleeding. 
Poor girl.
While I'm on the subject of Becca, would you mind if I wrote her a little note?

Dear Becca,
Remember last night how I ran away to your house and you let me climb up on your bed and snuggle under your down comforter?  And remember how you let me cry as you listened to my concerns about how I didn't return Grandma's phone call and then it was too late?  And remember how you let me cry about the hurt I feel in my heart for our little sister?  And remember how you told me that I was a good person even though I didn't feel like it?  And then remember how we watched a Christmas movie together before I went home?  I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for knowing me better than anyone else.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for always being there for me.  I love you.
Love, Noelle

The world would be a better place if every girl had a sister.
And if you could have your picture taken with Minnie Mouse.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Annual Christmas Tree Cutting Expedition - In Pictures

Every year about this time we head to the mountains to cut Christmas trees.
If Dad is with us we go the old-fashioned route.
(Meaning we don't take snowmobiles or 4-wheelers up the mountain.)
Dad was with us this year.

Jason provided show shoes for the adults.
See the shelf behind him?
All Tents.

The kiddies have mixed emotions about the Christmas Tree Expedition.
Every year they giggle all the way to the farm.
And then once we're there they remember they have to hike a long way in the snow.
They were troopers this year and had a lot of fun!

The whole group.
Do you notice how happy Trouble (Sami) is sitting on top of Jason's shoulders?
She got that first class seat the entire way up the mountain.

At some point along the way someone asked Trouble if she burped.
"No I not burp."
"Sami, are you sure you didn't burp?"
"NO!  I not burp!  But my bottom burp!"
Poor Jason.

Erika, or Miss Marie as I call her, wears pink.
She is ALL girl.
When she put her cousin's snow pants on she said with disgust, "I look like Darth Vader."
I told her that Darth Vader wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink boots.
She felt better about life.

About half way up the mountain Josh said, "I have two bits of energy left and then I won't have any more."

Gabi just lost her two front teeth.
She's very proud of that empty gap.

Trouble did typical Trouble things:
-put snow in her gloves
-wouldn't keep her hat and scarf on
-ate dirty snow
You just can't help but love her.

Jason just can't help but love him.

"Now Noelle, this is a perfectly lovely tree."
"No Dad, it's ugly."
"Noelle, there are no ugly trees."
"Except for the one's that are Dad."
...and then I hear him mumble 'I don't know why we bring you with us.  You are so dang picky.'

And if I weren't picky, THIS is the tree Mom would get for her living room.
Someone has to look out for Mom.

If any of you had any doubt, Trouble gets every bit of her personality from her mom.

Uncle Ben brought his reactor and melted snow and made hot chocolate for everyone.
The kids thought they were in heaven!

That little Trouble...she fell asleep.
We tied her to her mommy's back with a scarf so that she wouldn't fall off.
She slept until her Mom fell in the snow.
 The first thing Trouble said when she woke up was, "Hey! Why am I tied?"
And then she giggled.

The trees are skinny this year...skinny and sparse.
There's a reason I have a fake tree.
But I wouldn't trade the tradition for anything.

*And as a side-note, my grandma passed away last night.
Thank you...all of you...for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Memory

My grandma is dying.
Jason and I spent a few hours last night sitting with her in the hospital.
She never knew we were there.
I'll go back in the morning, unless I get a phone call tonight telling me that she is gone
It's not a tragic death.
Grandma is a few days short of her 95th birthday.
She's lived a good life.

I love my grandma unconditionally, and I know that she loves me.
But we've had our moments.
Moments where I've told her that if she couldn't speak kindly to me I would hang up the phone.
Moments where I've told her that she needs to be nice to people.
Moments where I've come away from her house ready to divorce her.
I think that's just part of being a family.
In spite of all of our moments, I have always known that my grandma was there for me if I needed her.

On more than one occasion, when my life was too heavy, I would run away to Grandma's house.
She would put a frozen pizza in the microwave, sit at the kitchen table, and say 'tell me about it.'
One time not too long ago I didn't even make it to the kitchen.  I walked into her house, sat in her rocking chair, and burst into tears.
My grandma sat there for 20 minutes, crying with me, and she didn't even know why.

The last time I talked to my grandma was a few weeks ago.
She was calling to tell me that I had two months worth of bank statements to look through, and that I needed to come down and balance her checkbook.
That has been my job since Grandpa passed away 5 years ago.
She wanted me to bring Jason with me.
She loved Jason.
I told her that we would be down soon.
We talked for a while and at the end of our conversation I told her I loved her.
I should have gone down.
I should have done more for her than I did.
I hope that she knows that I love her, in spite of the fact that I told someone last night that she was a pain in the neck.

I'm glad to know that this life is not the end.
I'm glad to know that she will soon be with Grandpa.
And I'm glad to know that I will see her again someday.
I love you Grandma.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Know What Friday Means


Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Bad News

The cardiologist I met with yesterday doesn't think he can help me.
He says the hole in my heart is not likely the reason for my other symptoms.

Good News

The cardiologist had vertigo for several years; he was the first sympathetic doctor I've met with.
He wants to figure out how he can help me.

Neutral News

The cardiologist arranged for me to have an MRI today.  Between you and me, I'm kind of tired of doctors.

The Bad News - Part 2

Jason was supposed to do some online scouting training.  He didn't do it.  He's been busy.
He is the only one in his scout group who hasn't done it.
Last night the guy who oversees the scouting program in our church talked to me about it.
The conversation ended with me agreeing to do the training for Jason.
At 12:30 this morning I listened to the training and then had to take a quiz.
I only got 19 out of 25 right.
The questions were dumb.
And it was 12:30 am.
I felt like I was in college.  And you should have seen me in college: obsessing over any test I ever took. 
I was ticked at myself for not doing better on the dumb exam.

The Good News - Part 2

I didn't submit the quiz right and so I got to do the training again this morning.
I did better on the exam...but I still missed two questions.
Baby Sister told me it didn't matter because the quiz was in Jason's name, not mine.
Good point.

The Bad News - Part 3

I didn't pull into my garage far enough last night.
I heard a crunching noise.
I cursed.

The Good News - Part 3

There was no damage to either my car or the garage door.

A Request

Would ya'll do me a favor?
I'm doing a project that I need your help with.
Would you be so kind as to send me your favorite chocolate chip recipes?
Pretty please?
You can leave them in the comment section or email me at
Thanks.  I knew I could count on you!

And one more random bit of information before I bid you farewell.
My brother spends about 80% of his day whistling. 
At this very moment I can hear him...whistling his little heart out.
It could be a blizzard outside.
The furnace in our office could be out - for the 14,567th time.
He could have just smashed his finger.
He could have been told by someone who owes us a LOT of money that he's a pain in the you know what.
He would still be whistling.

But then, anyone who can have this much fun with the kiddie toys should be whistling.
Here's hoping all of you have cause to whistle today!