Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buying A Bed = The Poorhouse

We bought a bed last night.

Good night nurse!

Have you bought a bed recently?

We went in with a budget in our minds.

We tried a few beds...and I stayed on the one I was okay with.

I took a nap (or at least wanted to) while Jason talked foam vs. coil (or something) with the salesman.

Jason said, "Do you like this bed?" and I woke up from my nap to say yes.

Then he said, "Just come and try this one."

I shouldn't have, because once I did, I couldn't go back to the other one...even knowing that the bed I was on was at least twice as much as the one I had just come from.

"But what about the budget?"

And Jason said, "Think of your back." And when I did it was a no brainer. Because the minute my back hit that mattress it felt better. (And I'm not exaggerating.)

I closed my eyes and said, "You decide." But really there was no decision.

Too bad we didn't think to register at RC Willey. (Can you even register at RC Willey?)

Last night as I settled in on my sister's couch for the night I dreamed of that bed.

Now...only 12,274 things left to do before NEXT Saturday!


Kim and Company said...

Oh my goodness, I just love this story. It's so cute and wonderful and full of goodness. ;-)

Jenn said...

You made the right choice. I bought my bed before I got married and I didn't spend a boat load, but now I am dreaming of the day that we can get a new one because my back absolutely kills me. Good luck and let me know if you need any help I have lots of spare time at the moment.

Sandra said...

My wise daddy always says:

Save your money and buy the cheaper of the things that don't matter. But when it comes to beds and shoes, spend the money and get the good stuff because you spend most of your time on your feet or in bed and you will pay the consequences of skimping.

Registering at R.C. Willey would make it so much easier wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Here's to the 12,274 things left to do! You go girl!

Sleep is mandatory. Me indulging in excess of it, is unwarranted. Bed or no bed- doesn't seem to help there- do you have any sleep less, talk less, work more tricks for me?

p.s. just imagined closing my eyes and melting my LARGE rear end into that bed- feeling: HEAVENLY bliss! Congratulations!

Jules AF said...

Beds are SO ridiculously expensive!!

RayRay said...

If you need any help this weekend, I'll be in the area!! (Driving up tomorrow)

Tiffany said...

1. I have never paid retail for a piece of furniture or floor covering in my life. My dad has always been in the business. It's been SO nice! Sadly, he retired a few months ago. We're on our own from now on. I don't expect any new furniture for the next 20 years or so.

Congrats on the bed. There's nothing like a really comfy bed. Yay!

2. Budgets. "But what about the budget?" you asked. Me... not so much. When I was newly married, we got ready one December evening to go buy a Christmas tree at the tree lot.

Rich - "So how much should we spend?"

Me - "I'm not sure"

Rich - "Well, what should our budget be?"

Me - "I won't know till we get there and I can see how much they cost!!"

Heh heh. I've grown a lot in 20 years. And amazingly, we're solvent.

Lori said...


It's next Saturday already??

You'll be glad you bought the better bed.