Monday, March 15, 2010

Dun dun du-dun!

(The title is sung to the tune of the wedding song...) (Do you hate me for taking so long?...)


Going to work: Like $.50 in cost of gas

Going to school (bleh) : $50 dollars in gas (feels like it anyway with gas prices these days...)

Wal*Mart trip: About $ pens, a magazine, and a Dr. Pepper 6-pack (for boyfriend...Lindon hasn't had it lately)

Splurging: About $130....a new pair of running shoes so I can put my old ones to use at work and NUMMY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! (I bought 4 boxes...couldn't help it. I have a package by me waiting to be opened...)

Trip to the gym: $12.75 for a month pass (the one benefit of being a student...I get a discount)

Adding extra security to my house and room so I'm not killed in my sleep by blog followers because I've taken so long: My paychecks for the next 50 years....
Do you forgive me? I promise it'll be good...

Noelle's wedding day:
It started at 8:30 when she went to get her hair done. I wasn't invited, so I don't have pictures of that. Sorry. :)

At 11:00 Noelle and the padres left for the temple to get everything ready and such. By that time it had started sprinkling, but we all had hope that it would go away by the time we got out. (Which, by the way, it didn't...ended up getting worse and then turned into snow. BeaUTIFUL!)

By 11:30 most of us were inside waiting to be taken to them, just visiting and being VERY nervous for them.

By 11:45 we were wondering where they were and Dad started making jokes about how Jason had run because he saw him pack running shoes, and how he had become the "Runaway Groom" instead of the "Runaway Bride". He's a funny man. :)

By 12:00 we were REALLY wondering where they were. A nice man (who apparently is a friend of the family...who knew?) came into the room and said we were running a little bit late because, funny, they asked us to wait for the bride and groom. He was cute. :)
Finally they showed up and the ceremony got underway. It was beautiful, and I cried the whole time...I think more than anyone else in the room. Except Lewie maybe. ;) But it was very nice.

Here come the much anticipated pictures. :D

Noelle and Jason first coming out of the temple. I love the expression on her face in this one. Isn't she beautiful?! Trying to take pictures in the rain...VERY COLD! Taking pictures with missionary friends...hehehehe. Yay for kissing.
Noelle and Jason at the luncheon. I had more pics of them...can't find them though. If I find them, I'll post them I promise.One of the bouquets at the luncheon. Beautiful right??One of the rooms at the luncheon. :) Very pretty.
One of our cute nieces. :)Another cute niece. :)Our very good looking family! :DNoelle and Jason with our nieces and nephews. :D Adorable! They were supposed to be making funny faces in this one, know...the funny faces. :)Me and my sisters with the beautiful bride!!!Noelle and Jason with our parents. :)Noelle with the parents.

Noelle and Jason with both sets of padres.Hehehehehe....this was my idea. :DNell and Jason with his parents.Thought I'd throw you a loop and show you a picture that boyfriend took of me. I look like a horse, but it's all good.The desserts at the reception. The green leaves and chocolate hearts were hand made. :)The top of the wedding cake. :DThe middle of the wedding cake. :)The whole wedding cake! The base was made of styrofoam...WAY dangerous with the cake...we had to keep the kids out of the room just so it wouldn't fall.Cutting the cake. :)

They promised they wouldn't get cake in the other's faces. :)I think Noelle was tired of kissing for the camera by the end of the night. :)

Jason and Mama.Nolle and Me of Mr. Thompson and Me. I didn't have any more pictures of Nell with friends...this was the only time I really saw her with one. So you lucked out I guess Lewie.One last shot before they left on the honeymoon.Leaving the sad. :(And they're off into the....snow fluries (instead of the sunset) :)

They left and we cleaned up and loaded presents in all of our cars.

Highlights of the evening?

Seeing all of my mom's kids helping to clean up and loading all of the presents and then taking them to her house and unloading them in her house.

Big brother Ben walking into my mom's house, seeing the state of her house, and saying "Hey mom, how about we have dinner at our house tomorrow?" And seeing the relief on mom's face as she says "Oh thank you!" Ben's a good egg.

Seeing Noelle so happy...just makes me so happy.

So there you go blogging friends. I hope you enjoyed sure did take a long time so you better have! ;) J/k!

I hope you all have a GREAT night!!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!

(P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photos...the lighting wasn't great, and I'm not used to either of the cameras that I used...sowwy!)


rika said...

awesome. you're a good egg too! thanks for posting all those pictures. i'm sad i didn't get one with noelle :(

Jamie said...

Totally worth the wait!!! Thanks Baby did a great job and even more thanks to being the eyes and ears of those who live too far day (sooner rather than later) we will all meet! In the mean time...if you find more pics...POST 'EM...a girl has got to be in the know!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! LOVED the pictures- don't bother about the quality. I zoomed until they were large enough for my visually-challenged eyes!

Noelle- while you sneak in and read this- you looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The cake, photographed from every angle, is sadly not yet in my mouth despite considerable zooming :( I'll keep trying.

Great job, baby sister! THANK YOU!

Your family is so huge and amazing! I like this- i don't think i've seen so many kids in any family i know- very cute. I love the bonding :)

Baby sister- YOU ARE THE STAR!! :D

Jason looks a lot like his dad. Btw, LOVE the everyone kissing picture!

I'm going to keep ogling for a while now! Yay!

Sandra said...

Don't worry about the pictures, I think they captured the day and evening just fine.

It really was a beautiful venue and Noelle was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.

Jessica said...

Yay pictures! I LOVE Noelle's dress. It's gorgeous. And practical - so many silly girls wear cap sleeve wedding dresses in the winter.

Congratulations married lady!

Kim and Company said...

You did a great job on this posting Ms. Baby Sister!
The OTHER Kim ;-)

Baby Sister said...

I'm sad we didn't get one with you too Rika...and Fawcett and Esq.(Shane)...and all her other friends that were there too. (I don't know how to spell his last name...shhh)

I'm glad you all approved and I could make you all happy with the pictures.
And thanks...the OTHER Kim. :D was capped, but Noelle is smart and the the sleeves lengthened. Yay for having a smart sister!
Another post will follow today I assure you.

Amy said...

Dear Noelle, You're beautiful and happy and that's even more beautiful. I'm happy for you.

Dear Sister, You're in big trouble. Ramp up the security now...I KNOW where you live! (oh, and also nice pics. :) Thanks for sharing.)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Hey wait - that wasn't Lewie.....that was ME!

(as in Mr. Thompson and Me!)

(but if it is you Lewie - you're beautiful.) :)

Baby Sister said...

I said it was you Mrs. Thompson...the Lewie part was from a comment Lewie left on my last blog. :)

Fugal, just remember I know where YOU live you'll have to be careful too! ;)