Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life In All It's Glory

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? I'm thinking I could do a weekly installment of why being me is so would probably really enjoy it!

Here's this week's reason:

Last night Jason and I decided to play a rousing game of Rummikub. He was talking all sorts of smack about how he was going to beat me...and I was determined to prove him wrong. We were lazy and didn't want to go all the way downstairs to play at the kitchen table so we improvised by putting a white board on the bed and used that as our table.

Sting was serenading us in the background...but that's not really an important part of the story.

I reached for my phone and realized that the battery was almost dead. I leaned over to pick up the plug from the floor to charge it and all of a sudden I heard a sizzling sound.

I squealed and jumped off the bed. Jason yelled from the other room, "What? Did you see a spider or something?" No husband I did not see a spider. I am not afraid of spiders and I most certainly don't squeal over something little like a spider.

I didn't say that to him. Instead I said this: " spider. My hair just caught on fire." You see, I was completely oblivious to the candle that was burning on the table next to my bed...and so when I leaned over to pick up the plug, my hair was right over the flame of the candle...

It's just hair right? And it will grow back right? And there are worse smells than burnt hair right?

Go ahead and laugh...I did...for a long time.

Oh...and Jason beat me at all three games we played.


Sam said...

Ahh! I'm glad it was just your hair!

Was it a lot? Or just a strand or two?

I admire how you're looking at this. My hair on fire is equivalent to the world ending. :p

Hee, you said husband! :D

Brynn said...

I am telling you more candles. I almost burnt down our apartment in Continental when we were newlyweds. I left a candle going and the jar it was in exploded all over. Glad it wasn't worse than just your hair.

Karen said...

Yeah burning flesh is a less than desirous smell. Funny, when I was having my second baby in the surgery room, the doctor was cartarizing (sp?) my incision and it smelled a bit like corn nuts, until I realized it was my skin smell. Lovely. (hope that didn't scare you!

Joann Mannix said...

OH MY! OH MY! I tell my girls all the time with all the product in their hair and their weird penchant for playing with the melting wax in my candles, they are going to combust and burn their hair off.

Just a little bit, right? At least you had Sting. I would have added that too.

Jamie said...

Jason is a former fireman and you are allowed to have candles??? My hubby was a volunteer fireman for 10 years and I am lucky to be able to have a lighter in the can forget having a candle.
I am sorry to hear about your hair...was it alot, do you need to have any of the rest cut to match?? I am having mine cut and donated in 11 days...I cannot wait!!!

Amy said...

Life is never quite like you thought it would be is it? :)

Tell Jason congrats on kicking your butt. :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

My daughter and her brand-new husband just about burned down their apt. with a candle...just burned a curtain and a bit of the wall; could have been worse! So I'm with Brynn. Too many distractions when you are newlyweds!

Bossy Betty said...

At least you had a good reason for losing all the games!

Baby Sister said...

Hahahaha...I can't wait to see that now. :)

Anonymous said...

You burned your hair? Noelle?! Ooh i just took a look at what Brynn said here- no candles for you too. What'll happen to my daily read? You know!