Saturday, March 6, 2010

On Being Bugged

I'm bugged about something.

Really really bugged.

So bugged that I might be losing sleep.

So bugged that I'm thinking of calling for an intervention of sorts.

Here's what's bugging me:

I'm 34 years old and I still can't figure out how to fold fitted sheets neatly.



Anonymous said...

Call for the intervention- excuses are ALWAYS fun in that they get other helpful creatures do what they do best- HELP, while you can pretend to learn- haha! (don't bother, just call the mother!)

Judy said...

This video was amazing and has totally changed how I fold fitted sheets! :)
Happy folding!

Sam said...

I'm the same way ... with wash cloths. WASH CLOTHS. They're tiny squares. How is it even possible to go wrong??

Good luck. Just take comfort in the fact that some of us have much more severe afflictions :p

Jamie said...

fold in half and scoop "two elastic corners" on to each fist. Fold in half again combining "four elastic corners". Then tuck the "odd" side, and ROLL. Then no one knows you cannot FOLD! Or...only have one set, wash and put back on the bed and you never have to fold/roll! Haha!Brilliant

Sandra said...

You crack me up. And I was older than that before I figured it out.

Maybe I'll put a tuturial on my blog next week.

Brynn said...

Judy, that is the best youtube out there. It makes me want to go fold all of the fitted sheets in my closet. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Noelle! I just got back here and visited the youtube link Judy left you. It is AWESOME. My eyes popped at the neatness of it all. Now, i'll just say don't bother to call the mother even!

Ha! That was one COOL video. I'm smiling like i've achieved victory!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad your friend Judy posted a link to Martha Stewart. I saw Martha demo it years ago and that's the first time I ever realized there was a good way to fold them. But heck, even after seeing that (and also being 34), my method is still mostly the wad method.

I just overcompensate with other areas of excess organization. ;)

Loralee and the gang... said...

I wa at Least your age before I figured it out. And unfortunately, it's not something you can explain how to do in just words. Maybe you can google it and get directions with pictures! (That's what I would have needed!)

Kim and Company said...

Seriously! If that bugs you, my friend, you are really screwed in a week. ;-)

Michelle said...

lol...i've even been shown. still cant