Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things that go bump in the night.

Did you miss me?

Yeah...I figured as much. You're too busy missing Noelle. No worries! I miss her tons too!!!!

Anyway, on to the story of the day...which really isn't that exciting.
Last night, the ONLY thing I dreamed about was blogging. Writing a blog, moderating the comments, writing a blog again, moderating comments again...and mixed with that was Noelle, hiding away somewhere and sneakily writing blogs under my nose. And I was just SO frusturated because, why on earth would she have me be in charge of writing her blog for the week if she was just going to keep sneaking in blogs? *sigh* It was a rough night. I woke up so annoyed with Noelle and I just had to remind myself that it was just a dream...

Anyway, I thought it was funny that the 3 hours I spent blogging last night mixed in with my dreams.

Hmmm...I bought new shoes the other day! They're high heels and I love them! Want to see a picture? Ha...well since you can't really tell me NO...I'll show you anyway. :D

Aren't they just great?! Mom gets mad at me when I buy high heels cause I'm "already tall enough"...(I'm only 5'7"...not THAT tall...and boyfriend doesn't mind so it's all good!) but I saw these and fell in love with them, and Noelle loved them, so I just HAD to get them. They're just awesome. :)

Remember that bag of pens I bought at Wallie World yesterday? I bought them because my school pens keep going missing. So today, I opened it and put a pet in my jacket. Later I showed the pen to boyfriend and said "I have GOT to remember to take this jacket to class". The day proceeded, I used the pen to check in some plants we got in, and went back about my business. When I left for class, I grabbed the jacket and drove down to UVU....(Utah Valley University). I get there, look in the jacket AND...it wasn't there. I realized I had forgotten to put it back in my jacket after using it. Luckily the nice lady I sit next to yet me use a pen again. Now, the goal tomorrow is just to remember to put the pen in my jacket. Except I don't have class the rest of the week cause it's spring break!!!! Wohoo!!!! I'm so excited...I can actually catch up on my homework and study for my quiz on Monday.

Want to hear my last exciting news of the day? I was only supposed to get back $130 back from my federal taxes. But I ended up getting $530!! :D Now I can finish paying off my dad! And actually not be in debt! (Well...besides my car payment anyway...) Now I just have to buy a new side mirror (don't EVER run into garbage cans with the mirror...it CAN shatter...which mine did) and get my car registered next month and I'm home free! :D

Alright, that's enough bothering you for one day. I'll leave you be now. Sorry, I know I'm not Noelle...but I'm trying to entertain you...I'm really probably not suceeding, but at least I'm having fun trying!

Have a good night my starlettes!! ;D


Tiffany said...

Hey little sis! (Amanda?)

Yes... the shoes are SMOKIN! Back in the day I used to wear shoes like that and I'm 5'11". You go girl.

Don't stress. You're doing a lovely job blog sitting!!

And what, pray tell, are you studying? Inquiring minds want to know. Spill.

And by the by, now that Noelle is all happily married, we want to know about YOUR love life!! =o

Our thanks in advance,
Noelle's friends/groupies

Anonymous said...

Haha! I SO agree with Tiffany here! We are curious mongers- we want to know!

The heels look fabulous. Picture this- i'm 5'3" and i think heels look lovely but i'm certain i'll trip, so i walk in the flattest flats ever made- sounds uncool? Yeah, i know. Sadly, i STILL trip.

Noelle can keep getting in here and posting scary pictures, at least your picture of the heels has me still breathing fine- so, you get extra credits there!

Yay for extra money! I'm thrilled for you!

p.s. both you girls can keep writing every day for the rest of your lives- i'll read- this is fun :)

Jessica said...

LOVE the shoes! But I'm having a really hard time imagining you in them. I've seen you in a lot of flip-flops, a lot of slippers, crocs, and a bunch of platforms/wedges, but never high heels!