Friday, March 12, 2010


I don't know if you know...but I'm getting married TOMORROW! I have a family of butterflies that have taken residence in my stomach...and any time I hear the word tomorrow they act up. I spent the night once again on my sister's couch...bless her heart. She came down this morning and said, "I didn't expect to find you here." Thanks sister...for everything! The couch, the beautiful earrings you gave me this morning, your friendship, the use of your deodorant and toothpaste, and well...something else I had to borrow. I'll tell you later. :)

Dear friends...I really do know about salons and their services...but I only trust one girl and she wasn't working until tomorrow morning...and that's to make my hair beautiful...and I worried that if I had her wax my lip tomorrow it would still be red by the wedding...and that would have been know, because it's not red now. (I'm rolling my eyes.)

I've been a little concerned about my blog...and all of you. We'll be off honeymooning for a few days and then we'll go to Jason's to finish packing and moving his stuff...and I didn't want to abandon you. I know how much you look forward to the randomness I'm going to come up with each day (I'm rolling my eyes again). BUT...there is no cause for alarm. I've found a backup blogger.

My Baby Sister...who I absolutely love and adore (name that movie) is going to step in and enlighten you all with her humor. I worry...I'll be honest...because what she might say could cause me some serious embarrassment...but I'm willing to take that chance...for you.

I'll probably post something tomorrow...because if I'm still being honest...I'm totally 100% addicted to my blog...are there support groups for this addiction?

YOU ... every last one of you ... make me smile and laugh right out loud. I check my email at least 20 times a day ... looking for comments ... remember I'm addicted ... and you never let me down. Thanks!!!

Okay...enough of this babbling...happy Friday friends!


Megan said...

I'm so excited! I was so worried I wouldn't be back in time from our FFA trip to make it to the reception but I am now assured I will most defiantly be there :) SO happy and excited for you!!!

Tiffany said...

You're gettin' married in the mornin!
Ding dong the bells are gonna chime... (figuratively)

Woo hoo!!!

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

Love you.

Leslie said...

I hope everything goes perfectly and it's a wonderful day! I'm sure it will be! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you - just know I'll be celebrating in my heart right here in my little town for you.hugs!

trublubyu said...

yay for tomorrow!! i am so excited for your day! i hope it is all you ever dreamed of.

Judy said...

I'm so excited for you, yay for weddings and all the excitement!
We moved from UT last August and I miss it!
Good cheeks hurt after all the pictures at my wedding :) If it's sunny and you burn easy, wear sunscreen! (Ask me how I learned that lesson)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations and many, many years of happy, wedded bliss! Can't wait to read about it all!

God bless!

~ Jennifer

Tia said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!!! I'm so excited for you!

And I'm looking forward to Baby Sister's post's too. :)

Debbie said...

Congrats, Tomorrow will go great.

Found you on follow friday :) and am now your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

TOMORROW Noelle- no, don't let the butterflies act- breathe. OMG! A HUGE hug to you. You have NO IDEA how much i'm looking at the calender, the clock and calculating the time difference these days. My friend is getting married- YAY! Yay, yay, yay!

You and i and a couple hundred other bloggers could start this SUPPORT GROUP- only ONE condition- we're working on treating ME first.

PICTURE THIS- my phone line went dead SUDDENLY about 2 ours ago. Therefore, no internet. I fiddled and fiddled. No use. My hand went up to mouth as i gasped. I wanted so badly to wish you luck for your big day. Two hours of fiddling and praying and wishing WORKED. Here i am, wishing you have the bestest, greatest, funest, most beautiful day of your life.

Okay, no crying for me- YOU had better post pictures whenever you can. LOVE that baby sister is stepping in! Welcoming hugs from me to her :)

You go look as gorgeous as can be. Congratulations to Jason too! Enjoy your trips and i'm going to look forward to a LOT of news when you return. (Don't roll your eyes, people seriously are addicted to your ramdomness!)

Plenty of hugs.

p.s. Love from your Grandpa and please do tell Grandma she's going to look awesome! EnJoY!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow and have a ball, this is your once in a lifetime!! You will be beautiful and everything will be perfect and if it's not it will make good reading for those of us who can't be there. Best wishes!!


Marci said...

have the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing day!
i am soooo excited for you!!!

Kimber said...

I loved your post. I wish I could be there tomorrow, but I will be thinking of you from Arizona. I love yer guts and know that you will be a beautiful bride! Congratulations!!!

Brynn said...

Today is the big day! I am so excited for you.