Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Love Note To My Husband

Dear Husband,

When you go away and leave me to my own devices for more than 24 hours I might do drastic things.
Drastic things that make our life easier - but drastic nonetheless.
I made a purchase tonight.
A really heavy purchase.
A really heavy purchase that was more than 50% off...just so you know.
And I may have ruined my hernia repair in trying to get it to our bedroom.
My brothers weren't available.
Becca helped but she gave me the heavy end.
I had plans to go to the gym tonight.
Carrying my heavy purchase more than made up for the gym:

I couldn't figure out the flash on your camera.
The top two drawers are mine and the bottom three are yours.
TWO of your drawers are filled with socks.
You have enough socks to sock a small country.
Here's the deal.
You can keep as many pair of socks as you want as long as they fit into those two drawers.
After that, I have two words for you:  good will.

So - don't be mad.
Get it all out with that mild case of road rage you have before you come home.

Your adoring wife

A Post In Which She Babbles Endlessly

Jason is out of town until Friday.
Before he left he told me to get all of my wild and crazy ideas out of my system before he returned.
I've been thinking all morning about those wild and crazy ideas.
I'm going to mop the floor...
and iron...
finish decorating the Christmas tree...
and figure out a better way to organize our closet...
sleep in the middle of the bed...
and eat cold cereal for dinner every night...
I wonder if those are the ideas he was referring to.

Did you know that I won a give away?
You probably didnt' because I didn't tell you.
Amazing how that works.
My friend Kristin @ Betty Crocker Wannabe had a give away for a Christmas card she would design for someone.
Look what she made for me:

If you go to her blog you will have the pleasure of listening to John Denver sing Christmas songs with the Muppets.  I've had her blog open for 10 minutes now and I've enjoyed every second of it.
John Denver...sigh...I was living in NYC when he died.  I cried.

I told Jason that is was time we took some new pictures.  I'm pretty sure people are sick of looking at our engagement pictures. 

My friend Dazee Dreamer has a link-up on her blog every Tuesday.  For Christmas this year I decided to give her my participation.  You're welcome Dazee.  She's hopeful that she'll become world famous for the link-up she started. (All you have to do is write a letter to someone...)

Dear Miss Dazee,
This letter is for you.

Dear Blog Designer Who I Paid Good Money To:

You know how you say: "Mock-ups are provided. Typically these are provided within 2 - 3 business days of beginning a design."?  I'd like to point out that it's been 2-3 business months now and I am still waiting.  I'm a patient person, really.  But even my patience has it's limits.  If I don't have a finished product by December 3rd at 4:52pm I will request a refund of my deposit.  Oh...and I won't be writing you a positive review.  You can count on that.

Very Sincerely Irritated,

Yes Nice Does Matter...but Even Nice Gets Mad Sometimes.

If I were AT ALL competent with a computer I would design my own blog...I'm not.
But trust me, if the designer comes through, I think you will like the new look.

And one more little piece of information.
I've been medication free for 4 whole days.
Two nights ago it was Jason's turn to pray.
I reminded him to pray that I wouldn't wake up sick.
But then I thought better and amended my request.
"Actually, that leaves the afternoon open for sickness.  Why don't you ask that I won't get sick tomorrow."
So far it's working.
And I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Remember when I made this repel?
Me too.
I will never do that again.
Just wanted to go on public record so that Jason would see it in writing.

I'll stop babbling now.
Enjoy your last day of November!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

200 Plus Blogs In My Reader??? I Need An Extra Day Just To Get Caught Up!

We were sitting around the table playing games and eating pie.
My aunt told us about the rousing game of 20 questions she and her daughters had played on the drive to Rockville, a small town just outside of Zion National Park.
My aunt asked this question about the mysterious object to my cousin: "Is it bigger than a breadbox?"
My cousin responded with her own question: "The DVD or the machine?"
(Because what my cousin heard was 'Is it bigger than a Redbox?')
We all laughed a lot.
My cousin blushed.
But then...from the other end of the table... we heard this question from my dad, "What's a Redbox?"
Could the generation gap be any more clear?

Last year, during our annual post-Thanksgiving get together at my uncle's farm, we were missing an uncle.
The same uncle who had been missing for all of our family gatherings during the last year.
After years of a hard marriage, filled with hurt and heartache, my aunt, my dad's sister, divorced my uncle.
We supported her in her decision, and understood the reasons for the divorce. No one could believe that she had lasted as long as she did.
In spite of all that my aunt and her kids had been through, I still missed my uncle.

Two months ago my aunt called with the news that my uncle was in the hospital.
He had been in a car accident, and during an exam following the accident, the doctor had found a brain tumor.
A brain tumor that affected two areas: his optical nerve and his personality.
The tumor had been growing for years.
The removal of the tumor took most of my uncle's eyesight, and ALL of his negative behaviors.
My uncle is a different man.
A loving, kind, outgoing, patient, funny man.
Jason never knew the 'other' uncle.  And he admires and respects the uncle he does know.
My uncle joined our family for the post-Thanksgiving festivities.
After a morning of pancakes with homemade huckleberry jam, a rousing game of Rook, and a lot of laughter my dad's brother voiced what we all had been thinking: "I love the new George."
I loved the old George, but I love the new George even more.
And if you're curious, that was my favorite part about Thanksgiving.

Well, that and the fact that we didn't have to hike Angel's landing.

It's a crying shame there was snow and ice.
Just look at that trail.
I'm an idiot.
An idiot who has hiked that trail twice in the last year.
What was I thinking???


Jason's 90-something-year-old grandma made the Jell-O salad for our Thanksgiving feast.
Jason's nephew took a bite of the Jell-O and came to the 'big people' table to show us what he found.
Somehow Grandma had managed to add a metal twist tie to the salad...probably just so that she could have a laugh when someone found it.
She's that kind of fun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was somewhere in the bulk food isle when I heard a little girl crying for her mommy.
Her older brother, who was maybe 6, was trying to comfort her.
"We'll find her," he repeated over and over again.
But he was worried too.
You could see that worry all over his face.
I watched for a minute to see if the mom was somewhere close.
She wasn't.
I was amazed at how many people walked right past that little girl, completely ignoring her cries for help.

I walked up to the kids, and crouched down so that I was at their level.
"Can I help you find your mommy?"
They both just nodded.
"Can you tell me what she looks like?" I asked.
"She has black hair," the little boy said.
The little girl looked at her big brother and said, "It's brown."
"She has brownish black hair," the little boy repeated.
"What's her name?" I asked.
The little girl told me.

When I asked the little girl what her name was I could see a flash of hesitation cross her face.
I am sure she was remembering the 'don't talk to strangers' talk she and her mom had probably had many times.
Perhaps she decided that talking to a kind stranger was better than being lost in the warehouse type grocery store, because she told me her name.  And her brother's name, and her baby sister's name.
I told the kids that we would go to the front of the store where someone would call their mom's name over the radio.
When I asked the little girl if I could hold her hand, she nodded her head and reached out and took one of my fingers.
We made our way slowly to the customer service desk, with the brother chattering the entire way.  Now that he was with an adult he was calm and relaxed.

We reached the front of the store and I heard someone calling the little girl's name.  "That's my big sister," the boy said.  The little girl let go of my finger and ran to her sister.  The big sister, who was maybe 9, thanked me and took her brother and sister by the hand and walked towards their mom.

In the past 24 hours I've thought a lot about those kids, but especially the little girl.  I've thought about her cries for help and how I was there to help her when she needed it.

And I've thought about my own cries for help...which have seemed so abundant the last few months.
Yesterday a storm came through Utah - a bad one.  The storm not only brought snow; it brought with it 12 hours of vertigo for me.
I'll be honest in telling you that I shed a few tears of my own.  The kind of tears that say, "Why God?  Why is this happening again?  Why can't you just heal me?"  Because I believe that He can.  I have that much faith.
But in the middle of the tears I thought of all that I have to be grateful for.  And it's a long list.

I'm grateful for a husband, who in spite of getting sick at the sight of someone throwing up, sits with me when I'm sick.
I'm grateful for a sister who leaves the warmth of her house to come to mine to make me chicken broth and feed me ice chips.  Well, not literally, but she sat there for two hours making sure that I fed myself the ice chips.
I'm grateful to a mom who loves me.
I'm grateful to a sister-in-law who called because when the storm hit she had the thought, "Oh, I hope Noelle makes it through this storm without getting sick."
I'm extremely grateful to know that at the end of 24 hours, no matter how sick I've been, I'll be mostly better.
I'm grateful to know that although I feel like I got hit by a truck, I really didn't get hit by a truck.
But mostly I'm grateful that I have a Heavenly Father who I can cry out to.  I'm grateful to know that He hears and He answers my prayers.

I'll be off Thanksgivinging with Jason's family for the next few days.  I have a million things to do before we leave so I best get at them.

My wish for all of you is that your Thanksgiving will be filled to overflowing with peace, love, and happiness.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Long Post - To Make Up For Yesterday's Short One

"I don't care if you hurt.  I don't care if you can't hear anything out of your right ear.  I don't care...I don't care...I don't care..."
That's what I told my head as I was getting ready to go to the gym.
"I need the gym.  YOU need the gym.  You think you're sick now?  If I don't get to the gym your physical problems will be nothing compared to your mental ones."  That's what I told my head too.
The 'gym' was actually the club house where my sister lives.  It's one minute away and I was too lazy to drive any farther.  I had my ipod, the latest People magazine, and a water battle.  I was ready for that treadmill.
Except that sometime in the last few months they've changed the key to the club house, and I couldn't get in.
Looks like my head won.

When Jason got home a few minutes after I did he said, "You didn't go to the gym?"
I told him that it was his responsibility as my husband to go for a walk with me.
Never mind that it was dark - and freezing cold - literally.
He said he would go with me if I would go with him to Golden Corral for dinner.
I agreed.
That husband of mine, he's a fan of buffets.
I pulled out my bag full of gloves, scarves, and hats and bundled up.
"Can I wear a hat?" Jason asked.
"Yes, but they're all really girly."
He didn't seem to mind.


It's not right...the way he can make a girly hat look good.

Here's what Jason ate at Golden Corral:

meat loaf
chicken pot pie

Maybe his body needed the protein.

As I was turning away from the salad bar I nearly got knocked over by a very large man.
A very large black man from Mississippi.
(Are you going to get offended because I didn't use African American?  I'm never sure what to say.)
The very large, good looking man from Mississippi was there with his entire basketball team.
Trust me when I say they made an entrance.
I couldn't stop looking.
They were all so big...and tall...and good looking.
Boy howdy.

Dear Jason - what, they were good looking, you don't want me to lie do you?

I wanted to change out of my gym clothes but Jason assured me that sweats were okay to wear to Golden Corral.  He was right.  I fit right in.

I had a maddening appointment with my Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist yesterday.
Thus the shortest post in history.
I wasn't in the mood to be nice- and I would hate for someone to remind me of the name of my blog...
The doctor made it more than clear that I wasn't high on his list of priorities - and that my concerns were of no importance to him.
I've never felt so ... I need a word ... dismissed?  Maybe that's the word.
As he was hurrying out of the room I asked, "At the very least, would you please give me a prescription for the medicine that saves my life on a regular basis?"
He wouldn't.
Would you like to know why?
"It doesn't do anything except mask the symptoms."
Considering that he had just told me that there wasn't anything he could or would do for me, masking my symptoms didn't seem that bad.
He refused.
I left the office in tears.
Dignified aren't I?
I called my family doctor on the way back to work.
I had a refill of my medicine within the hour.

I'm hoping the cardiologist has a better bed-side manner.
And that he will at least let me finish my thought before he cuts me off and gets up and leaves the room.

And now this is the longest post in history.
If you're still reading - 
I was in charge of dessert on Sunday.  
I was lazy.
I made chocolate pudding and sugar cookies.
My brother-in-law suggested that I should be chopped.
6-year-old Gabi didn't agree.
"Daddy, we are not going to chop her.  She's not chopped AND she gets the $10,000.00.)
Remind me to keep her on my side.

I'm Curious

Did you want to have a blog give away and offer a free airline ticket to Mexico and rig the contest so that I would win?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crayola Goodness Welcomes Amber!

I told Amber that if she would draw me 10 pictures I would ask all of you to go to her blog.
And once you're there to click 'Follow'.
You'll do it for me right?
And for Amber?
Because she put a lot of thought and some stress into these pictures.
I know because she texted me about 7 times.
Or was it twice?

And -
I'm taking applications for the next set of pictures someone wants to draw.
Any takers?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

Guess what I did this morning.
Go on...guess.
I made a crock pot lasagna.
I know.
I'm amazing.
Guess how much I love Jason?
I put mushrooms in the lasagna.
That is a LOT of love.

Guess what else I did this morning?
I went to the cardiologist.
I know.
You all wish you had gone to the cardiologist.
After shooting saline through my veins and into my heart...
and one ecocardiogram...
it has been determined.
I have a hole in my heart.
A small to moderate hole, but a hole nonetheless.
The nurse said my story (dizziness, migraines, and general discord between my head and myself) warrants a visit with the doctor himself.
Apparently they screen their patients and hooray for me, I passed the screening.
Or not hooray for me.
I have two appointments next week: one with the ENT to go over all of my tests, and one with the wizard himself.

I called my mom to tell her the news and after talking for a few minutes she said, "Sami is dying to talk to you."
I heard Sami in the background, "Grandma, I not dying."
And then this;
"Well?  (Because she can't say Noelle) You got a hole in your heart?"
"Yes Sami."
"I don't know Sami."
"Did the doctor do it?"
"No Sami, the doctor is trying to help me.  He took a picture of my heart."
"Well?  You got a hole in your heart?"
"Yes Sami."
"That not healthy."

Actually, other than the hole, my heart is healthy. 
Super healthy.
At least there's that.

And with that I'm off to do something to actually earn the paycheck I get.
Keep your fingers crossed that the lasagna turns out okay.
We're having a dinner party at our house tonight...our first.
I bought key lime pie for dessert.
That will teach Jason.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's A Good Life In Spite of the Chickens

Lions and tigers and chickens...oh my.
Yes chickens.
My dad wants to raise chickens in his backyard.
My mom has a fear of all things bird.
Poor mom, she was attacked by chickens when she was a little girl and she's never recovered.
Mom told Dad he couldn't have chickens.
Dad told mom she was being irrational.
Trust me...if there were chickens...feathers would have been flying.
I have a sister-in-law who is a saint.
She told Dad he could raise chickens in her backyard.

Did you know I have a tendency towards exaggeration?
It's true.
If there are two of something I might say there are 27.
If I waited three hours I might say I waited 13.
Last week sometime I asked my niece Gabi how school was.
"151 thumbs - " and then she paused.
"151 thumbs?" I asked.
"151 thumbs down."  That's what she told me.
After I stopped laughing I asked her to tell me why school was 151 thumbs down.
"My friend doesn't go to church.  And for Halloween she wore a costume that was immodest."
"That's why school is 151 thumbs down?"

Well then...

Yesterday my phone rang.  It showed that my sister Heather was calling me.
I answered the phone.  It was Gabi.

"Noelle, I went to the dentist today.  I don't have any cavities."
I congratulated her.
She said something else that I didn't understand and then, "I have to go and brush my teeth."
I said goodbye and she hung up the phone.
A few minutes later my phone rang again.
This time it was Heather.

"Did Gabi call you?"
"Did she tell you what I told her to tell you?"
"That she didn't have any cavities?"
"No.  A few minutes ago she was brushing her teeth - for the third time in two hours - and I asked 'Gabi why are you brushing your teeth again?'"
Gabi told her mommy, "Because Mom, I just ate 153 crackers and need to brush my teeth."
Heather told Gabi, "Call your aunt and tell her what you just told me."
Heather said to me, "She's you all over again."
Ahhhh...makes this aunt proud.

I'll keep you updated on the chickens.

PS.  Isn't Gabi's baby brother adorabe?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Two Cents

I think dating, in general, is a disservice to marriage.
Think about it.
When you are getting ready for a date what do you do?
You wash, dry, and style your hair.
You make sure your makeup is perfect.
You smell good.
You wear the perfect outfit.
You might have even just purchased the perfect outfit.
Your coordinate your jewelry to match your perfect outfit.
You smile and laugh at your date's jokes.
You say all the right things.
Your date opens the door for you.
He takes you to a nice restaurant.
He smells good.
He takes off his baseball cap for the evening.
He listens when you talk.
You go for romantic walks, holding hands and talking about the future.

And then BOOM, you get married.
And you don't wash your hair for days, because who has time?
You don't put your makeup on because again, who has time?
You put on your oldest and rattiest sweatshirt because it's comfortable.
You wear pants that are 10 years old because the cute pants you bought just last year don't fit.
And they don't fit because going to the gym has become a thing of the past.
And you can't buy new pants because it's either that or pay the heating bill.
You serve macaroni and cheese for dinner.
Instead of smelling good you hope you remembered deodorant and to brush your teeth.
YOU are the one wearing the baseball cap.
You say to your husband, "Can you turn off the game for 2 minutes and listen to me?"
You never wear jewelry, except your wedding ring...when you remember to put it on.
Instead of going for romantic walks you sit on the couch and watch TV.
And the game of Angry Birds has taken the place of cuddling once you are in bed.

* * * * * * *

A Love Note:

Dear Husband,

I promise that tomorrow I will comb my hair.
And can I have the credit card?  I need a new outfit.

Love, Your Wife

PS. I have NEVER served macaroni and cheese for dinner.  But that's only because it's rare that I actually serve dinner.  Poor Jason.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tragedy Abounds

Would you like to know the most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
Jason ate my left-over key lime pie.
And he didn't even like it.

Would you like to know the second most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
Jason got sick.
He passed out in the bathroom.
He has bruises and bumps all over his head.
And he bit his tongue.
Maybe the key lime pie gave him food poisoning.

Would you like to know the third most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
(It might turn out to be the most tragic thing that has ever happened.)
It requires some background information.
At least twice a week Jason will bring me my iPad and say, "I downloaded some new apps."
At least twice a week I will say, "Jason!  You're going to use all the memory!"
(I don't really care.  The likelihood of me downloading anything other than a book from time to time is slim.)
His newest app is a game.
A game where you use a slingshot to shoot birds through the air and into glass blocks and wood pieces.
He said, "I downloaded it because I thought you would like it."

I don't play games.
I never have.
My game playing started and ended with Pac Man.  Those ghosts ate me one too many times and I swore off games completely.

Yesterday Jason was watching football (another weekly tragedy) and I was bored.
I picked up my iPad and opened the bird game.
It took a total of 3 minutes.
3 minutes to guarantee complete addiction to slinging birds through the air.
Me...Mrs. I Don't Play Games...I Don't Like Games...I Will Never Play Games...
I was up until midnight slinging red and blue birds through the air.
The biggest tragedy of all is that Jason is going to read this and say, "I told you so."

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Post In Which I Tell You My Life Story...Okay, Not Really

Jason wanted me to tell you something.
I remember very clearly that he said, "Make sure that goes in the blog."
What 'that' is however, I remember not so clearly.
I'm sure it was something like 'You're always right dear.'
Whenever he says anything like that he always follows it up with 'the blog.'

I can tell you this about Jason.
He's a good husband.
He makes me smoothies for breakfast.
Granted, the fruit has the distinct taste of freezer burn but that's not the point.
The point is he's a good husband.

These arrived at work yesterday.
With a note that said, "I love you.  I hope your day is going well.  Maybe this will cheer it up.  Love, your husband."
As far as husbands go, I think I got a good one.

And now.
Now I must tell you about a predicament I find myself in.
Last week I got an email telling me of a friend request on Facebook.
A friend request from a girl I haven't seen since high school, but who I haven't spoken to since the 7th grade.
I am friends with a lot of people I haven't seen since high school.
That is not the predicament.

I don't have great memories associated with this girl. 
In fact, some of them are memories I've tried most of my life to ignore. 
One of her family members didn't have my best interest at heart and as a result I was left with some issues to deal with later in life.
I looked at this friend request for a minute and pushed the "Ignore Request" button.

Yesterday I got an email from the same girl.
"You don't remember me?"
That's what she said.
My blog title is Because Nice Matters for a reason. 
I don't always succeed at being nice, but I do try.
Every day.
I thought of everything I wanted to say to this girl.
I typed and erased several replies...none of them very nice.
Finally one side won out over the other and I simply wrote, "Of course I remember you.  How are you?"

She replied almost instantly with an email reminiscing about 'old times' and questions like 'where are you living now and what are you doing with your life?'
I answered her questions with generic answers.
She emailed again.
I haven't responded to that email.
I probably won't.

My predicament is just simply keeping my mouth shut when what I want to do is yell and scream and pull hair and say, "My dad will beat your dad up," like I should have done in the 6th grade.

And well...that's really all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Consumer Report

I feel obligated to tell you something.
When you are shopping in the Latin section of the grocery store,
and you see this:

You might be tempted to try it.
Like I was:

Although I wasn't tempted as much as coerced...
...almost forced actually...
...although you wouldn't think so by the smile on my face.
I was innocent.
I didn't know what to expect.

Don't do it people.
Don't give in to the temptation.
12 years later and I'm still shuddering.

* * * * *

I can see why you keep coming back to my blog...
...always so full of helpful and pertinent information.

You're Welcome.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Not Annoyed With Costa Rica Either

"Do you think I'm a brat?"  I asked Jason last night.
"You're not a brat.  I think you're just annoyed with the whole world right now."
I thought about that for a minute.
Then I said, "I am not at all annoyed with Hawaii."

And to be fair, I wasn't annoyed with the whole world.
I was annoyed with one doctor -
Two phone calls -
One text message -
One conversation -
The sad realization that I am NOT in fact my dad's favorite child-
The worm that I am sure must have gone inside my ear when I was swimming in Cancun and is now eating away at my brain -
Jason for telling me there is no worm-
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Am I going to lose 30 followers for saying I am annoyed at Ikea?
We went last night.
For the first time.
It was like a field trip.
A field trip to a museum of modern furniture.
I don't like museums.
I never have.
One time I went on a date with a guy.  He took me to Mexico City, to the big famous museum there.  I tried to act interested, I really did.  But inside I was dying from the boredom.  Finally I said, "Let's go get something to eat."  He smiled a big smile and said, "Por Fin!  I hate museums!  But I thought all North Americans LOVED them."  Not this North American.  (Oh...and just to clarify...I was living in Mexico, it's not like we went from the USA to Mexico City...now THAT would have been a date!)

As I was saying, Ikea...
I don't like how you have to walk a certain direction.
Everyone...walking the same direction...
Following arrows around like we are robots.
And I don't really love their furniture.
Phew...glad that's out in the open.
We did spend our $20 gift card we got for our wedding though.
Jason bought hangers, and I bought a little something to put homemade syrup in.

Do you think worms can live inside a person's head for over 4 years?

I should probably go to work before I get fired.
There is a risk that comes with not being the favorite child.
Job security really isn't that secure.
And about that...
Oh never mind.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Blog Post - Take 2

Note to self: in the future don't write about your niece's 5-year-old vocabulary mistakes...you might offend the brother-in-law. 

Last night I told Jason we couldn't go to bed until he played the piano for me.
He did.
It brought peace to my heart.
Like always.
I thought your heart might want peace too.

You're Welcome.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's 1:33 AM

And in an hour from now it will be exactly 1:33 AM again. (You know, because of the time change.)  It feels like I'm cheating time.  I like it.

I haven't had anything real to eat since Wednesday.
I've been sick.
I try to eat soup, and drink plenty of water.
I can't keep anything down or in.
And my tongue is brown. (My sister Googled 'brown tongue' but couldn't find any real reason for it.)

Jason made me a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner because it sounded good to me.
I couldn't taste it, so the fact that he burned it didn't bother me at all.
My stomach is rebelling against the cheese sandwich in a major way.
That is why I'm awake at 1:33 in the morning.

Last night we watched Forrest Gump.
Can you believe I had never seen it?
I'm probably the only person in 30 states who hadn't seen that movie.
I cried when Jenny died.
I cried even harder when Forrest stood talking to Jenny at her grave.

The conversation Forest had with Jenny reminded me of a conversation I had with my Grandpa a few days before he died.
Those who have been around a while have read this before.

Porch Lights and Saying Goodbye

Whenever I left Grandpa's house the routine was always the same:
I would give him a hug and tell him, "I love you Grandpa."
He would hug me back and say, "I love you too kid. What would I ever do without you?"
And then I would tell him he would never have to find out.
He would stand at the door, I would honk as I backed out of the driveway and he would 
flash his porch light on and off.

* * *

A few days before Grandpa died we had a conversation that was similar to that 

of the one we had whenever I left his house. 
He had been in a care center for about two months and wasn't always very lucid.
This was our conversation (maybe not word for  word):

G: "Noelle, I think I'm ready to leave this school." 

(He always called the care center a school.)
N: "Where do you want to go Grandpa?"
G: "Back to Fountain Green. I'm ready to go home." 
(Towards the end I learned that going to Fountain Green actually meant
that he was ready to die.)
G: "Noelle, I've given this a lot of thought. I want to go now.
 I even told Heavenly Father that I was ready to go back to Fountain Green. 
What do you think of that?"
N: "Grandpa, if you're ready to leave I think that's okay. 
I will miss you terribly, but I know it's time."

And then he asked what I thought everyone else would say about his going.

He wanted to know about his neighbors, and his bishop, and my aunt.
He was even worried about his mechanic. 
"Do you think the mechanic will be okay if I go back to Fountain Green?"
I reassured him that everyone would be okay. 

And until this point in our conversation I was handling things pretty well. 
But then he got me...right in the heart.

G: "Noelle, I just have one more question. What will I ever do without you? 
What if I need you and can't find you? I won't be able to call you!"
My response was simply, "Grandpa, I don't think you will need me.
 But if you do, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to contact me."
Two days later Grandpa told me he was tired and asked if he could go to sleep.

 I said yes, he closed his eyes, slipped into a coma, and then died two days after that.

I told Jason that story to explain why I was crying so much.
Bless his heart, he cried too.
I blamed my crying on being sick.
I told him he could blame his crying on my being sick too.
Are you crying?
Do you want to cry?
You can blame it on my being sick too.
But only today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He Really Said That

My dad is in a funk.
 He's been in a funk for a while.
Granted, his funk is justified.
In fact, it's a funk my family members take turns going in and out of.
But my dad being in a funk is not always fun.
Today was an exception.

I called him and asked him to take a drive with me.
"Where are we going?" he asked.
"To a store I want you to see."
"Because Dad, you want us to be open-minded about business opportunities.  I think we could franchise this store and do really well with it."
He agreed to go with me.

He picked me up from the parking lot at work and I got in his truck.
I had barely reached for my seat belt when I heard him ask me this:
"Are you pregnant?"
I was speechless for a minute.
"Just like that Dad?  No how are you today?  No asking about Jason, or the weather?"
"Nope, I just want to get straight to the point."

"In that case, no Dad, as far as I know I'm not pregnant."
"Well, when will you know for sure if you are or aren't?"
"I'm pretty sure I'm not Dad.  But if you're that curious, I'll let you know the exact day I know 100% for certain that I'm not"

Dear Dad, hanging out with you could give a girl a complex.  Do these jeans make me look fat or something?

In other family news...
I stopped at Trouble's house to discuss some things with my sister.
Trouble ran up to me for her usual hug.
She put her arms around my neck and looked at me and said, "You got gum?"
"Yes Trouble, I have gum."
"I want some."
"Sorry, I don't have any more."
"Give me some from your mouth."
And so I did.
Yes, I did.

Trouble ran off.
A few minutes later she came back.
"I want more gum.  Can I have all the gum in your mouth?"
I gave her the rest of the gum I had been chewing.
She ran off again, but before she disappeared around the corner she said this:
"You're my best friend!"
I'll take her as a best friend any day!

About that card...
(If you need to refresh your memory so that you know what I'm taking about, I'll give you 3 minutes.)
(Ready. Set. Go.)

This is what the inside said:

"We'll look out for the lions together."

ALL of your guesses made me laugh...some right out loud.
But there is a definite winner.
This is what Kristi said:

"It's a concrete jungle out there...glad we have each other."

Don't you agree?
Don't you think that's close?
The first time ever that Kristi comes out of lurking mode and she wins a prize.
I already have her address.
She'll get her goodies soon!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I can't simply narrow it down to one choice.
I've got to give honorable mention to one more person.
Stephanie has been around a long time...I'm not entirely sure how she found my blog...she just showed up one day. And I'm glad she did.
I was on the verge of tears when her comment popped up on my phone.
I laughed instead of cried.
Because of that, she gets goodies too.
Email me your address won't you Stephanie?

"It says...since -stephanie- didn't win the Stephen's Caramel Apple Cider she had to buy some herself..let's go to her house and have some. It's going to be a long walk since she doesn't live in the big city. Did you pack your trunk?

Am I close? ;o)"

Just one more thing...
Is it just me, or do girls handle being sick better than guys?

Happy Thursday Friends!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Comments Make Me Laugh...Just Thought You Should Know

It's Jason's turn to be sick.
He's been miserable all day.
Want to know how much I love him?
I gave him some of my 'might as well be gold' medicine that stops nausea.
I only have three pills left.
That is true love.

I finally convinced my husband to let me tuck him into bed.
It took me promising to go upstairs with him.
And that took him promising that I could use his laptop.
If I'm going to be stuck in bed with no light to read by, and no TV to watch...
And also, I told him that even tho' he was sick, he couldn't be a pillow hog.
That probably isn't true love.

I was cleaning up the kitchen today and I had a moment.
A moment where I stopped and looked around at where I was and thought, "Holy Cow, I'm married.  And I've been married for almost 8 months."
For someone who never thought she'd get married, I think I'm doing okay at this marriage thing.
Except that I don't fix dinner enough...
Or make the bed...

Would you like to know something?
Something I just remembered exactly four minutes ago?
It was a year ago today that I first knew that a guy named Jason even existed.
For those who are new to the Because Nice Matters family, Jason and I met on-line.

My on-line name was Brooklyn22.  Jason saw my profile and my name and assumed I lived in NYC.  He figured it was safe to email me, seeing as how he thought I lived on the other side of the country.  (He claims he only emailed three or four girls in the entire 3 years he spent playing the on-line game.  I'm not entirely convinced.)

This is what he said: (in response to what he read on my profile)

"From all appearances, it sounds as though you have had a great life.  Hopefully things will only get better.  I've backpacked into the Grand Canyon a number of times and have absolutely loved it!  My two favorite trails are the North Bass Trail and Hermits Trail.  Absolutely spectacular!  You have set a worthy and fulfilling goal.  Climbing out of the canyon is the challenge but totally worth it!

I love South America!  I recently traveled to Ecuador and climbed a huge volcano called Cotopaxi.  I ate in this authentic restaurant in a town that was really out of the way.  We actually had to motorcycle to get there.  I hope to do it again someday...wish I could speak the language.

I'm going to ask a question but don't feel obligated to answer.  I would love to hear about the book you're wanting to write.  Fiction or non?

You have an admirer,

Baby Sister was there when I opened the email and read it.  She read it over my shoulder, and hit me several times.  "You have to answer this one.  You have to email him back."

Obviously I did.

And one more little thing:  I drove home from the store tonight in the dark, and never turned my lights on.  Somehow I spaced that.  Is there anything stronger than Ginkgo Biloba?

The Sad Reality

There is solid evidence that would suggest that I am losing my mind.
I present to you Exhibit A: (an email I sent to someone)

Do you happen to have a calender for 2010 yet? I'm just trying to work on our calender for 2012.
What I meant to say, what I thought I said, was very simply that I needed a calender for 2011.  Bother.

I present to you Exhibit B:

My sister asked this question at the dinner table: "Have any of you seen the movie Salt?  I want to know if it is any good."
Several siblings responded that they haven't seen it.
I said, "I haven't seen it either but I really want to."
Jason looked at me and said, "We did too see it.  You loved it."
I smiled sheepishly while my sister gave me a look from across the table.
The look said, "You poor pathetic soul.  What has become of you?"

How many pieces of evidence are needed before there is no room to argue the fact that my mind is indeed gone?

Does stress contribute to the losing of one's mind?
I'm just curious.
It just so happens that we've had stress in abundance at our house.  IN ABUNDANCE.

Does losing your mind contribute to laziness?
I'm just curious.
It just so happens that I've been lazy lately.
It is almost impossible to drag my tired body out of bed in the morning.

Does losing your mind contribute to extreme babbling on one's blog?
I think yes.

What is the herb they say helps with memory?
Ginkgo Biloba?
If you need me, I'll be at my mom's house...stealing her Ginkgo Biloba.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We're Going To Play A Game

It goes like this.
Based on this picture, tell me what you think the inside of the card says:

The person who guesses closest to the actual caption wins!
You want to know what you win?
A gift basked filled with treats and goodies from yours truly.
(Yours truly is me.)
You have until Wednesday at 2:28pm to leave your guesses!