Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Not Annoyed With Costa Rica Either

"Do you think I'm a brat?"  I asked Jason last night.
"You're not a brat.  I think you're just annoyed with the whole world right now."
I thought about that for a minute.
Then I said, "I am not at all annoyed with Hawaii."

And to be fair, I wasn't annoyed with the whole world.
I was annoyed with one doctor -
Two phone calls -
One text message -
One conversation -
The sad realization that I am NOT in fact my dad's favorite child-
The worm that I am sure must have gone inside my ear when I was swimming in Cancun and is now eating away at my brain -
Jason for telling me there is no worm-
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Am I going to lose 30 followers for saying I am annoyed at Ikea?
We went last night.
For the first time.
It was like a field trip.
A field trip to a museum of modern furniture.
I don't like museums.
I never have.
One time I went on a date with a guy.  He took me to Mexico City, to the big famous museum there.  I tried to act interested, I really did.  But inside I was dying from the boredom.  Finally I said, "Let's go get something to eat."  He smiled a big smile and said, "Por Fin!  I hate museums!  But I thought all North Americans LOVED them."  Not this North American.  (Oh...and just to clarify...I was living in Mexico, it's not like we went from the USA to Mexico City...now THAT would have been a date!)

As I was saying, Ikea...
I don't like how you have to walk a certain direction.
Everyone...walking the same direction...
Following arrows around like we are robots.
And I don't really love their furniture.
Phew...glad that's out in the open.
We did spend our $20 gift card we got for our wedding though.
Jason bought hangers, and I bought a little something to put homemade syrup in.

Do you think worms can live inside a person's head for over 4 years?

I should probably go to work before I get fired.
There is a risk that comes with not being the favorite child.
Job security really isn't that secure.
And about that...
Oh never mind.


Anonymous said...

I recently read a blog article by a young guy saying his generation likes IKEA because it is fairly disposable-no long term commitment required. At my age, I'm looking for the coat that never wears out and the piece of furniture that just gets better with age. Both hard to find. And yes, I do think a worm could live in your head for four years. I'm not sure how long you could live hosting a worm that's eating your brain, though.

jayayceeblog said...

My favorite part of Ikea is the cinnamon roll area. Can't leave without a tray of them! Other than cinnamon rolls, I've purchased only 2 things there ... a rack to hang my aprons on and a set of plastic cutting boards. It doesn't excite me too much either. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. So, who IS the favorite child (if there actually is one)? I know my parents' favorite, most times. (sticking tongue out)

The worm- I've thought about it. 4 yrs? I think it escaped the very minute your head started to feel dizzy. Not everyone has the strength to handle such stuff, you know. :)

p.s. arrowed Ikea sounds weird.

p.p.s. do you want to take Jason for a date to Hawaii?

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my gosh. The first time I went to IKEA I was like, get me the heck out of here. NOW. But even to get out, you had to follow the yellow brick road. It sucked. I'm right there with you sister.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh, and I hear their hot dogs are really nummy. at IKEA too.

Heather said...

It's not my favorite place either.

How can you NOT be the favorite. Did one of your siblings bribe him with an expensive gift? No fair!

Maybe you should have taken him to IKEA!!

(I thought the worm was a good theory. Seems reasonable and reversible as long as it doesn't each much.)

Kim and Company said...

I will send a better text next time. ;-)

The Broderick Family Blog said...

I felt the exact thing you felt my first 5 times to IKEA. We got a gift card there for our wedding too and we couldn't find anything for months. The difficulty comes from 2 things: the size of the store and the displays themselves. They are too modern and overwhelming. Many of their individual furniture pieces are great mixed with the furniture you have at home, but having everything displayed in one room is just a little too much. Now we own an entire IKEA kitchen and some of their other furniture scattered throughout our house and we LOVE it.
P.S. only people that are new to IKEA follow the arrows. You don't have to follow them.
P.P.S. Never go to IKEA on a Friday night or Saturday...ever!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I was with you on the whole IKEA deal until I realized that you were within a 10 mile radius from my house. Shameful.

Oh and...Mr. Thompson's dad wanted to take him out for birthday dinner this year. Restaurant of choice? IKEA. It was a HUGE disappointment since it is really a "furniture" store without really being a furniture store.

Love ya girl - we need to irradicate that worm. I'll do some research.

-stephanie- said...

what did a partridge in a pear tree ever do to you?

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I can't stand going to IKEA. Well, except for the meatballs. they have really good meatballs.

Amy said...

Nobody likes IKEA when they're looking for something specific. Because it bites. People like IKEA when they're starting from scratch in a room they have no idea what to do with. Because THEN it's fun to walk through the museum. It's an "outing" not a "trip to the store".

Also, I'm sorry about the worms, phone calls, dr's text and especially that darn partridge. I hope your day gets better.

Amy said...

oh yeah, and also I think Jason should take you on a date to Mexico City.

Jami said...

I do love Ikea, but the last time I was there it was a weekend and I wanted to shoot myself right there in the store. OK, not really, but I was very near having a breakdown because you are right, you can't get out...you just have to keep moving along with the other 4.000 people there.

I was really thinking you went from Utah all the way to Mexico and I was wondering (having been a pretty faithful reader) how in the world you justified this co-ed vacay to your parents. And then I thought maybe that's why you are not the favorite! LOL

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I've been to Ikea once. I realized there's no way out. They design it to literally send you in circles, shopping and shopping and shopping some more. I'm glad I was somehow freed. xo

Sandra said...

If the worm is indeed living in your head, he's probably redecorated your brain with Ikea furniture.

Shan said...

If I could double follow you for not liking Ikea, I totally would!