Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's A Good Life In Spite of the Chickens

Lions and tigers and chickens...oh my.
Yes chickens.
My dad wants to raise chickens in his backyard.
My mom has a fear of all things bird.
Poor mom, she was attacked by chickens when she was a little girl and she's never recovered.
Mom told Dad he couldn't have chickens.
Dad told mom she was being irrational.
Trust me...if there were chickens...feathers would have been flying.
I have a sister-in-law who is a saint.
She told Dad he could raise chickens in her backyard.

Did you know I have a tendency towards exaggeration?
It's true.
If there are two of something I might say there are 27.
If I waited three hours I might say I waited 13.
Last week sometime I asked my niece Gabi how school was.
"151 thumbs - " and then she paused.
"151 thumbs?" I asked.
"151 thumbs down."  That's what she told me.
After I stopped laughing I asked her to tell me why school was 151 thumbs down.
"My friend doesn't go to church.  And for Halloween she wore a costume that was immodest."
"That's why school is 151 thumbs down?"

Well then...

Yesterday my phone rang.  It showed that my sister Heather was calling me.
I answered the phone.  It was Gabi.

"Noelle, I went to the dentist today.  I don't have any cavities."
I congratulated her.
She said something else that I didn't understand and then, "I have to go and brush my teeth."
I said goodbye and she hung up the phone.
A few minutes later my phone rang again.
This time it was Heather.

"Did Gabi call you?"
"Did she tell you what I told her to tell you?"
"That she didn't have any cavities?"
"No.  A few minutes ago she was brushing her teeth - for the third time in two hours - and I asked 'Gabi why are you brushing your teeth again?'"
Gabi told her mommy, "Because Mom, I just ate 153 crackers and need to brush my teeth."
Heather told Gabi, "Call your aunt and tell her what you just told me."
Heather said to me, "She's you all over again."
Ahhhh...makes this aunt proud.

I'll keep you updated on the chickens.

PS.  Isn't Gabi's baby brother adorabe?


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Just say no to chickens. They freak me out too.

Your niece is too funny!!

Jessica said...

Your mom is in good company. I hate chickens! I too was attacked by chickens when I was a little girl and am still freaked out by them.

Heather said...

Genetics are so fun.

So is 151 thumbs!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm with your mom on the chickens said...

He looks so darn squeezable. She's a cute, feisty one herself.
We had chickens at a preschool I directed. It was fun and annoying. xo

Anonymous said...

I read the brushing part again and again and again. I'm chicken scared when it comes to visiting the dentist. Maybe I should brush that often too.

The kids in your life make me jealous!

p.s. I'm with Mommy Platt.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I love that ball in the last photograph!

Sam said...

Bahahaha! Great post. I've been known to exaggerate here and there... One of my favorite descriptive phrases is "52 million" ... 52 million what? Who knows. It could be anything.

Unknown said...

lmbo @ 151 thumbs sounds like something I would say.. they are adorable

The Broderick Family Blog said...

Of course they like what you write. But it's staggering how large your following really is. It's larger than most wards. I'm very impressed. Manda has a very long way to catch up.

Cox Family said...

Sorry, I think I'm with your dad here. I would LOVE to have chickens in my backyard. Just think how awesome it would be to have fresh eggs.

Jamie said...

Okay...not sure how I feel about the chickens in the back yard, but MAN O'MAN, LOVE ME some fresh farm eggs. The best for baking so my MIL states and thus far I have to agree!

The exaggeration is classic...I to embellish, but whos counting, except for that poor person with 151 thumbs.

Jami said...

I would totally let your dad raise his chickens in my yard. Real eggs are SOOOOOO much better for you. And I like chickens.

You and I may share that trait. Maybe.

jayayceeblog said...

They are both soooo adorable! I love hearing kid stories like that. I have the same affliction -- I think it's called exaggeritis. Is your exaggeritis acting up? =D

My great-grandmother had chickens in her back yard when I was a kid. I remember her literally ripping the head off a chicken and it running around with its head cut off (no exaggeration this time). Maybe I need therapy!!!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Hey girl, you should really stop by my blog today...I'm just sayin'...