Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sad Reality

There is solid evidence that would suggest that I am losing my mind.
I present to you Exhibit A: (an email I sent to someone)

Do you happen to have a calender for 2010 yet? I'm just trying to work on our calender for 2012.
What I meant to say, what I thought I said, was very simply that I needed a calender for 2011.  Bother.

I present to you Exhibit B:

My sister asked this question at the dinner table: "Have any of you seen the movie Salt?  I want to know if it is any good."
Several siblings responded that they haven't seen it.
I said, "I haven't seen it either but I really want to."
Jason looked at me and said, "We did too see it.  You loved it."
I smiled sheepishly while my sister gave me a look from across the table.
The look said, "You poor pathetic soul.  What has become of you?"

How many pieces of evidence are needed before there is no room to argue the fact that my mind is indeed gone?

Does stress contribute to the losing of one's mind?
I'm just curious.
It just so happens that we've had stress in abundance at our house.  IN ABUNDANCE.

Does losing your mind contribute to laziness?
I'm just curious.
It just so happens that I've been lazy lately.
It is almost impossible to drag my tired body out of bed in the morning.

Does losing your mind contribute to extreme babbling on one's blog?
I think yes.

What is the herb they say helps with memory?
Ginkgo Biloba?
If you need me, I'll be at my mom's house...stealing her Ginkgo Biloba.


Dazee Dreamer said...

considering the fact that you have been sent spinning upside down and didn't throw up on the doctor, you are allowed to lose your mind.

Heather said...

At least you remembered the Ginko Biloba. My dad is losing his memory, and can't ever recall waht he wants to take for it.

I think you are entitled right now. Everything will right itself soon.

Taylor said...

I lost my mind when my 4th was born.

These things happen.

It's ok.

Anonymous said...

This happens to me every day. I thought it was normal...sort of. I never considered that I was losing my mind, though....hmmm. I've never even heard of a movie called Salt. Not only do I have no recall, I have no life, either, apparently:-)

Anonymous said...

If you remembered Ginkgo Biloba, your memory is competing against Einstein. trust me.

I remember you watching salt as well. I'm sure I do. :D

Stress = no stress, today because you're going to eat cheese and chocolate and whatever else comes with it and then, if you're still hungry, we'll think of some more.

Cheeseboy said...

I think all of the things you mentioned lead to all the things you mentioned, but only if you want me to say they do. If not, forget I said anything.

Tiffany said...

What about a real life professional full body massage with a side of Gingko Biloba. It couldn't hurt. Oh... the massage would be soooo relaxing.

Bossy Betty said...

OH OH. Well, did you remember to get the....uh... you know the stuff at your....oh, oh yeah. at your mom's house?

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Maybe something strange is going around because a few days ago, I actually forgot my zip code! I literally had to look at a bill that was on my desk refresh my memory.

jayayceeblog said...

Oh yeah, between the stress and not feeling good? Extreme memory loss. Be glad you're still just a young'un because I have a few years on you and, let me tell you ... uh, what was I saying?

Shan said...

I know you have some unanswered health questions. I can't pretend to know what that's like. But I remember the first year of marriage. It was incredibly hard to get through the adjustment. So, in case that has anything to do with the abundance of stress in your home, just know that you're not alone; you're normal and you'll get through it.


Shan :+)