Monday, November 15, 2010

Tragedy Abounds

Would you like to know the most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
Jason ate my left-over key lime pie.
And he didn't even like it.

Would you like to know the second most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
Jason got sick.
He passed out in the bathroom.
He has bruises and bumps all over his head.
And he bit his tongue.
Maybe the key lime pie gave him food poisoning.

Would you like to know the third most tragic thing that happened this weekend?
(It might turn out to be the most tragic thing that has ever happened.)
It requires some background information.
At least twice a week Jason will bring me my iPad and say, "I downloaded some new apps."
At least twice a week I will say, "Jason!  You're going to use all the memory!"
(I don't really care.  The likelihood of me downloading anything other than a book from time to time is slim.)
His newest app is a game.
A game where you use a slingshot to shoot birds through the air and into glass blocks and wood pieces.
He said, "I downloaded it because I thought you would like it."

I don't play games.
I never have.
My game playing started and ended with Pac Man.  Those ghosts ate me one too many times and I swore off games completely.

Yesterday Jason was watching football (another weekly tragedy) and I was bored.
I picked up my iPad and opened the bird game.
It took a total of 3 minutes.
3 minutes to guarantee complete addiction to slinging birds through the air.
Me...Mrs. I Don't Play Games...I Don't Like Games...I Will Never Play Games...
I was up until midnight slinging red and blue birds through the air.
The biggest tragedy of all is that Jason is going to read this and say, "I told you so."


Tiffany said...

Ya know... they say most accidents in the home happen in the bathroom. You may just want to have a little hook outside the bathroom where you can hang a helmet. Just strap it on before you head in the john. You never know when it may save a noggin. Tell Jason I'm awfully sorry he fell over. You two sure could use a little run of good luck!

p.s. Congrats on the new game addiction. I had a little problem with Jewel Quest a while back... but I'm all better now. :)

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Rick once ate my leftover gourmet pizza and I was so mad I didn't talk to him for the rest of the day.

Those freaking games are addicting!!! We have a iphone and do the same dang thing!!!!

Amy said...


Cap'n Salty said...

Sorry hon, I gotta root for Jason in this one!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Is Jason trying to be more like you in the passing out department. That is true love.

jayayceeblog said...

You two don't do anything halfway, do you? Sounds scary and intense, the passing out and bruised head. In our house, if Hubby had eaten my last piece of pie, those bruises and bumps probably would have been caused by moi throwing the pie plate at him! My game app addiction is called Word Frenzy. I'll bet your bird game is a hoot. (no pun intended)

Heather said...

I hope he is ok. He doesn't deserve bruises even if he did eat your dessert.
My brother tried to get me hooked on that game last week. Knowing my weakness for short games I looked away immediately and refused to be drawn in. You have fun though!!

Taylor said...

Wait a minute! Didn't you throw up after the key lime pie, too?

Hmm . . .

Baby Sister said...

It's so fun to watch you play it...I'll have to thank Jason!!

-stephanie- said...

Eating someone's key lime pie is cause for some hurt, but sheesh...that's a bit much. Hope he's doing better.

Addictions happen. Have fun.

Kristie said...

If you get pinball, I promise to visit more often!

Hope you & Jason are both ok! :)

Sam said...

Yikes! But you know, if he got sick from stealing your key lime pie, he may have saved your life! :D

Hope he's feeling better soon!

Venassa said...

Is it Angry Birds? If so my boyfriend is also addicted to it.
Poor Jason. Maybe that taught him not to eat your pie. Maybe he saved you from food poisoning. Maybe we should thank him for eating it.

Unknown said...

Poor guy that is an awful high price to pay for Key Lime pie.. Ha on the games. I love the like match 2 games like Jewel Quest.. umm yeah and word games and ummm mahjongg

Julie said...

Ouch, heads and toilet/tubs do not mix. Poor Jason.
I like Bejeweled, I'll go to bed with my itouch and play that until way to late. Angry Birds is a cool game but I haven't gotten addicted to it yet.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!

Lani said...

I have to stay away from any kind of video game.. I have a horribly addictive video game personality, it's genetic. My mom is probably in her kitchen, in the dark on her laptop right now playing video games.
I should NOT get an ipad:)

Anonymous said...

The end of this post had me giggling loudly! You are the funnest!

However, I read the part about Jason passing out and biting his tongue and I let out a big "Owww" followed by some blasphemy that you don't want to hear. I get worried about you two. Is the man fine now??