Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Too Tired To Form A Complete Sentence

Jason left this morning to go to Colorado.
Who goes to Colorado four days before Christmas?
I asked him to please not get in a car accident and die.
"So bodily injury is fine as long as I don't die?"
That's what he asked.
"Please don't get in any sort of accident at all."
"It's Christmas.  And we're going to have a baby."
He kissed me and promised he would come back home.
I might have cried when he drove out of the driveway.

You'll be glad to know that Christmas in Utah won't have to be cancelled after all.
We got snow.
Lots and lots of snow.
It's been snowing since last night.
It really is beautiful.

How do you feel about me finding mouse footprints on my desk every morning when I come to work?


Dazee Dreamer said...

Well, knowing full well how I feel about mice, ummmm, I wouldn't be showing up to work until they got rid of them. just sayin.

dang. who does go to colorado 4 days before christmas? there is something wrong with that.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...


That's how I feel about finding mouse footprints on your desk at work.

Glad you got snow. We've got rain, and lots of it!!

Praying Jason has a safe trip.

Taylor said...

Mice are nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

Sam said...

Praying for a safe trip, and so glad you got some snow! Hopefully you can send some my way before Friday!

In answer to your question.... yeeeeps! If I know they're there, they're not so bad... If they sneak up on me, you'd think I was being murdered, I freak out so loudly... blush..

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason- Please be safe. Seriously.

Noelle, I love the new look of your blog!! No, that blog designer hasn't contacted me yet. :( Maybe it's the Holiday season and she's busy? So much for me being ready to pay extra because I was in a rush. Unprofessional, that.

The mice like you, too. It's true.

-stephanie- said...

I would die if I saw a mouse on my desk. Eeeeek!

Pregnancy hormones are fun. Enjoy. :op

Like your new blog look. Very pretty.

Venassa said...

*Shudder* - That's how I feel about mouse footprints on your desk. Ew.
I'm jealous of your snow. We're in the middle of a rain and wind storm and it's pretty nasty. No snow for us :(
Wishing Jason safe travels.

Heather said...

I don't feel good about mouse tracks on your desk. Not good at all.

Our husbands should meet up and go bowling...he goes fishing four days before Christmas. I almost cried too and I am not even pregant.

Sandra said...

a) I didn't know you were having a baby!!! So cool!

b) mouse prints are cute. As long as the actual mouse isn't using the computer, you're good.

Amy said...

Jason. That's who goes to Colorado 4 days before Christmas. And that bites. I'm sorry.

Judie said...

I could lend you Mulligan. He's great at finding packrat nests in our back yard.

Stay warm and cozy, Noelle, and by the way, NOEL!!

Sandra said...

The snow is beautiful and I am excited for a white Christmas- however, driving yesterday was horrible!

As for mouse prints- they might be cute, except you are going to have a baby- that mouse has got to go. Seriously and your desk disinfected. And I would offer you my kitty, but then you would have to have a litter box and they are even worse for pregnant women and their babies. Get your brother on the mouse thing.

And tell Jason I said he has to be safe and careful.