Monday, December 20, 2010

There Is A Lot Of Random In This Post

I finished my Christmas shopping for Jason over the weekend.  He will either love what I got him or hate it.  I guess I'll find out soon enough.  He finished his shopping too...and I have a suspicion he went over the budget.  Granted, I may or may not have gone over the budget as well but...hey, I'm pregnant...I can't be held accountable.

We went to 5 Guys Burgers for dinner.  They have these incredibly massive hamburgers and enough french fries to feed all of ...well, to feed my brother Jared.  One would think I would be completely satisfied with that meal.  One would be wrong.  By 11:00 that night I was starving.  S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G.  I thought about what might taste good to me.  I ended up toasting a bagel and covering it with tuna fish.  Jason laughs at me.  He can laugh at me all he wants.  Because even while he's laughing he will still go to the store and buy vanilla ice cream and root beer so that I can have a root beer float.

In other news, I fired my sister from being my pregnancy counselor.  As it turns out, she neglected to give me some very vital information about being pregnant.  Information like 'you will feel like your stomach will explode at any moment because of ... to put it bluntly ... gas.'  Also, she neglected to tell me that my stomach muscles would feel like they are being ripped apart.  In her defense she claims that never happened to her - not once in her four pregnancies.  But still...
I'll probably hire her again tomorrow, but as of last night she was fired.

Speaking of pregnancies...and babies...I'm going to steal a picture off of Facebook and post it here, for you to see.  Hopefully I won't get fired from looking at pictures on Facebook.  Hold on a moment while I attempt to break and enter.....

Is it really breaking and entering when I left a message telling her I was going to post this picture?

This is my sister's friend (the sister I just fired).  They were BFFs in high school.  She's a twin with a boy.  My sister is also twins with a boy.  The boys were BFFs too. Oh...and I went on a date with their older brother once.  I knew it wouldn't last when he sped right over a railroad track, completely disregarding the stop sign.  And considering the fact that my cousin was killed by a train...but that's not part of the story.

Sadly...the two little ones in this picture were once three...but I'm sure they will grow up hearing how much their mommy and daddy loved their sister.

I love everything about this picture.  And I'm so amazed by this mommy's strength. 

It wouldn't be a proper Monday without a tale of Trouble would it?

That Trouble...

Here's a recent picture.  She's just making herself comfortable while her cousin explains the rules to the game he's making up.

My sister made bread twists for dinner yesterday.  Bread twists that were twisted around wooden sticks. 
Trouble thought the stick made a perfect magic want.  She spent the entire meal waving that wand and turning people into horses, frogs, and princesses.

"Abra Cadabra" is what she tried to say.  Instead it came out like..."tadabra tadabra..." except not that.  Baby Sister and I can't say it how she said it.  Trust was cute.

After Trouble tired of playing Fairy God Mother she took her magic wand and hit it against her glass full of water.  Every few minutes my sister would reach out and swipe Trouble's wand, causing Trouble to go in search of another.

After Becca had confiscated the last wand Trouble said, "HEY!  Give me my wand."  Becca smiled and said, "You made me the queen remember?  And the queen says 'No More Music.'"

That little Trouble..she stood on her tip toes on a chair, to give herself as much height as she could, and pointed her finger at Becca and said, "Tadabra tadabra, I turn this queen into a frog!"

Even at midnight when we should have been asleep, Jason and I were still laughing about Trouble's antics.

I think I'll spare you any more -

Except this: after dinner last night I was taking a nap in the living room.  Trouble came and climbed into my lap and snuggled herself into me.  She said, "I'm going to take a nap too."  She put her arm around me and whispered, "I like you."  And then, just as I was almost asleep, that little Trouble turned into a rooster.  She sat straight up and "Cock A Doodle Dooed' as loud as she could and said, "It's morning Well!" 

Bless her heart.


Tiffany said...

Oh that Trouble is awfully cute. Cute enough to forgive for waking you up just as you fall asleep. :)

May I just say that I'm wowed by the culinary creativity going on in Utah County. Bread "sticks". Who'd a thunk it?

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad I missed out on being called a frog...just sayin.

Joann Mannix said...

Okay, first of all, how many multiples are there in your family?

And my lovely Noelle, there is an unwritten rule that all mothers go by and that is, we don't tell the women who have yet to give birth all the things that you really don't need to know ahead of time. You didn't need to know about the trapped gas. And do NOT even ask any of us about birth, just go with the flow and don't think about it ahead of time.

And oh how I wish they had a 5 Guys when I was pregnant. I might just have lived there. Did you have some of my Julia's caucasian fries?

Also, when I was pregnant with the first one, I had terrible nausea, but I felt it was really important to eat all the right things even if the thought of it made me sick. I knew better with the other two. But with my first daughter, I was at work and I'd just forced myself to eat a tuna fish sandwich. At the last bite, I just knew I was going to spew. I did and I, unfortunately, told my sisters about it and I unfortunately told them I couldn't even stand to hear the word tuna anymore.

Well those sisters of mine would leave me constant voice mails just chatting, "TUNA TUNA TUNA" over and over again. Sisters are awesome like that.

Trouble is a cutie patootie.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I love that little girl. You have the best Trouble stories!!! Cooper is always doing stuff like that to Rick when he's asleep on the couch, like jumping on him and going within an inch of his face and asking if he's awake. LOL

Venassa said...

Trouble is too cute. Especially when she's posing on a table.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my. she is so cute. and why do I get the feeling that your baby is going to be just as cute.

Jared said...

Just what exactly are you saying about me? Are you calling me FAT?

Kim and Company said...

I thought because I was pregnant I wouldn't feel anymore menstral cramps. HA HA HA!!!!! It feels like someone is trying to rip their way into my tummy. That first baby really made me happy for menstral cramps. :-)

You are going to learn and hear a lot of things you didn't know before you became pregnant. Women keep these things secret so as not to scare unpregnant women.

Anonymous said...

I just read Jared's comment and burst out laughing!!!

Ah, your blog takes some of my madness away.

Judie said...

Noelle, you will have plenty of time to sleep when you are as old as I am. Until then, be prepared!! Hope you have a wonderful, joyous, and peaceful Christmas. My Christmas letter is on my blog, if you are interested.

Nikki said...

Is it too late for a great big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I'm sorry. I'm just catching up. I've been sorta sleep-deprived as of late.

And if you're wondering what no one told me about pregnancy that I want to make sure YOU know about? hemmorhoids. and they are avoidable. somewhat. take your fiber. There's more- but that's probably enough for now. ;)

Congrats to your cute friend with the twins! There are so sweet. I like to think of my little twins third buddy as their guardian angel. They certainly need one nowadays. ;)

I'm so excited for you Noelle! YEAHH!!!!! said...

Those babies are so precious, especially with their little Santa hats. Trouble is a cutie too, and appropriately named.
Be well, Noelle.

Jami said...

What a sweet picture of this little Mamma and he precious babies! Thanks for sharing it.

As far as Trouble goes, she's going to be a tough one to stay ahead of. :)