Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Might Be My Longest Post Ever

Becca Update

She balanced her checkbook for the first time since 1987.
I am so proud.

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My lovely friend Amy sent me an email with at least 72 questions about my newly announced pregnancy.
Dear Amy, this post is for you.

1. You had a family event for the test?

My mom called me one day and begged...pleaded...for me to come to her house to help my sister put lights on Mom's Christmas tree.  
I bought a pre-lit tree for a reason.
I told her I would help as long as she had gloves I could wear.
I am NOT a fan of sap all over my hands, although I enjoy the smell.
She had gloves. 
I helped.

Heather took the front of the tree and I took the back.
During a pause in our conversation I whispered to Heather, "I might be pregnant."
"Why do you think that?" was Heather's response.
That girl Heather, she's a no nonsense kind of girl...she needs facts and proof.
"I'm late," I told her.
"How late?"
"I'm not sure...it could be a lot or it could be just a few days.  I wasn't keeping track."
"Buy a test."
"No...I'm probably not pregnant, it's okay."
"Noelle, buy a test."
"I'm going to wait a  week, and then I will."
That girl Heather, she handed me a strand of Christmas lights, took my debit card, and disappeared.

15 minutes later she handed me a box and gave me a look.
Heather scares me so I took the box and did my own disappearing act.
I looked at the test and read 'negative.'
I thought it was negative.
I told Heather as much and she shook her head and said, "Let me see it."
"Noelle, you are pregnant."
"No I'm not.  There isn't a plus symbol."
"Noelle, I've done this four times.  You are pregnant."
And then I passed out, while Mom squealed.
(Okay, I didn't pass out.)

2. How long have you known?

5 days longer than you have known.
I had this debate in my mind.
To tell or not to tell.
I told my family.
Jason told his parents.
And then I thought, "You should wait 3 months...just to make sure everything is okay."
But THEN I thought, "But my blogging world is like my family and even if things end up not being okay, I want them to know."

3. When are you due?

Sometime in August.

4. How thrilled are you?  On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being 'this was not planned and I can't handle it and 10 being 'over the moon?'

Somewhere in the middle.
I mostly don't believe it yet...except there's that ever-present hunger, and exhaustion more than I've ever experienced before.
I told Jason last night that I was scared.
That was right after I told Jason I was going to cry and he shouldn't worry because I had no reason to cry.

5. How are you feeling?

You know, I've been sick for so long this seems like a piece of cake.
It's amazing actually.
All of my other symptoms - the dizziness, the headaches, the general feeling like I would rather die - they disappeared weeks ago and I've felt almost normal.
... as long as I carry saltine crackers wherever I go...

6. Have you been to the doctor?

January 19th will be my first appointment.

7. Do you care if it's a boy or a girl?

In my heart I hope it's a girl.
But that's because of a dream I had a hundred years ago.
That's a story for another time.
But take that away, and I just want a healthy baby.
ONE baby.
I have a fear there are two.

8. Does Jason care it it's a boy or a girl?

No, I don't think he does.
He refers to the baby as a girl though.

9. Did he smile bigger than we've ever seen?

No, I think he was sick to his stomach.
He doesn't believe it's real.
I've taken 2 tests to prove it to him.
Although I feel asleep to him listing boy names the other night.

10. Do you feel totally different yet?

I have these moments...moments where I think 'I have a baby growing inside of me.'
'I am going to be this baby's mother.'
'I am creating a life.'
And then I cry.
And go in search of anything that resembles Mexican food... 


Tiffany said...


In honor of you, dear friend. Oh honk! I couldn't be happier for you and Jason. Merry Christmas you delightful girl.

Okay. Now I can finish reading the rest of your post. I must have missed the official announcement. Whoopee!

Joann Mannix said...

I am over the moon, too! I went to an ornament exchange yesterday and told everyone my friend Noelle was pregnant because that's the sort of news that needs to be shared.

And I'm excited to share your journey with you. I, too, could never hold back. I spread the news far and wide, the moment I knew.

And girls are precious bundles of sweetness and pink. I can't vouch for boys, but I hear they're pretty great, too. Congratulations again.

Heather said...

It's ok if you have chaotic feelings...you have nine months to get used to it.

Enjoy that Mexican food!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I am so thrilled for you. I'm glad you didn't make us wait for ever and a day.

You are going to make a great mom. I can't wait to go through this with you. And for sure you need to post a picture monthly of your growing stomach

Baby Sister said...

Just for the record, that wasn't very long. ;)

Amy said...

:D Congrats again and again! And thanks! A whole post just for me!!! You really will be fabulous parents.

Tricia said...


trublubyu said...

over the moon excited for you!! congratulations!

christmastime is an amazing time to be pregnant.

Kristie said...

Dear Noelle's Blog Friends,

She really is as amazing in person as she seems in her blog. I have no doubt she is going to be a great mom!

<3 ya Platt!

wjmom said...

I, too, was announcing to everyone that "My Blog Buddy, Noelle, who I've never met but who I adore, is going to be a mommy!" I'm so, so happy for you!

Just think of the blog fodder you're gonna have! :)

Venassa said...

I see you having a girl. I don't know why. But I'm curious to hear the story on why you want a girl. And I completely understand your fear of it being more than one baby with your family's history of multiples.

Anonymous said...

Noellllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited, my teeth are chattering. I'm part cranky. Don't ask why. I just feel so happy for you!!

That story about the Christmas lights and Heather is pretty cool, you know. :) :) I'm proud of her. Pat on the back! :)

August, Noelle!!!!!!! AUGUST!!! Holy cow. August. :D :D :D

I want (at least one) girl too. A tiny tot that Trouble can carry around!!!

Jason, don't worry, let's cry together in different part of the world. Did I mention I'm so excited, I can't stop grinning? This is still sinking in actually. Noelle, look nice, round and bumpy soon and send me lots of pictures. I need to know this is real.

For now, my teeth go EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :D Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

p.s. keep fearing about the two please, maybe 3 even. The universe will listen to you. :) Thank you!

p.p.s. muah! {to the bab(ie_). What? I know you told me there's just one. I'm on your side. Really.}

Jami said...

LOL. You are adorable. I love your honesty. You will be a great mom!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Yippee!! I'm doing a rawknrobyn dance over here for you. Congratulations, Noelle. You are going to be a wonderful mommy, and you have a wonderful family to support you. xo

Jamie said...

WOO HOO!!! I am over the moon for you! I knew this day would come, and I know you and Jason will make the best parents...because you both have love to give.
Donot be afraid of the "two"...it is really not that bad, and totally twice the love. May God bless you with a healthy baby!

Oh...mexican food is your friend...they give you chips and salsa once you are seated, helps with the "must eat now" feeling.

Judie said...

Just wait until Jason hears that little heartbeat! Mexican food? OMG! I crave Mexican food all the time! Do you think I might be....nah! Not a chance!

Jessica said...

Holy cow, how did I miss your post from Monday?? Congratulations!! I hope pregnancy will go well...and that there's only one in there!

Jessica said...

P.S. You made me laugh. You know how that Clear Blue pregnancy test commercial says 1 in 4 women can misread a pregnancy test? I never believed them. LOL. Can you imagine if Heather hadn't been there?

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for you!

Shan said...

Yay hooray! How exciting... you're where I was a year ago. For our own reasons we didn't know until January 3rd. Looking forward to seeing you go through this fascinating and wonderful change.

Oh, and being a first time mom makes you an automatic target for other moms who want to share their pregnancy and labor horror stories. Feel free to stop them mid-sentence and make them wait until you have your own beautiful story to tell. (And it will be beautiful... it's just that the weird stuff is more fun to dramatize.)

Erin said...


jayayceeblog said...

Oh, a Baby - HONK! I am so happy and excited for you and your sweetie. Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing your blessed news!!! (When I was pregnant with my first, one of my cravings was saltine crackers broken up into a cup with milk poured over them like cereal.)

Debbie Gardner said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Why do I feel like I may have possibly heard this but am just now remembering? So happy for you!