Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where Are My Sisters When I Need Them?

I've spent the last hour trying to create a Christmas letter.
I'm failing.
To make it worse...Becca AND Baby Sister are both gone today.
Without them I am toast.
But not burnt toast.
Because who likes the smell of burnt toast?

And I'm already sick of saltine crackers.

How's your day going?


I said I would do it...

Dear Friends,
May you never ever ever use the company Slendid Sparrow for your blog design.
And if you have, I hope she didn't take your money and disappear.
And if you wanted to send the designer an email, telling her how she should make good on her contract to me: or

End. Of. Story.


Dazee Dreamer said...

Thanks, she is getting an email from me the minute I get done here.

Do you have morning sickness. You could nibble on some ginger snap cookies. or get some wintergreen mints. you know like the pepperment red and white swirl ones but in the green and white swirl.

Cox Family said...

The minty spree candies are good, hard to find, but when I was pregnant with Owen I ate those faithfully and they helped. Congrats! I've been trying to call Jason to talk to him, tell him to set up his voicemail on his phone since he never answers at least I can leave him a message.

Baby Sister said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry hermana...I can help you tomorrow?

P.S. I can't find mint M&M's ANYWHERE!! I went to Macey's, Smith's...they are no where to be found... :( I might just have to cry...

Sandra said...

Chocolate, coke, and grapes beat crackers every time.

Heather said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. As for the letter...just make up stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending that email to BOTH email ids. She's going to come flying back to you, money in hand.

Is that letter for Santa?? (my eyes are gleaming now!)

-stephanie- said...

What's the biggy about your Christmas letter? Here:

Dear Everybody,
We're going to have a baby in August, and I'm sick of saltine crackers. Merry Christmas! J&N

See, easy peasy.

Meghan said...

I am really sorry that lady took your money and ran. I got my blog design through Erin at Designer Blogs and they were really good.

I hate saltines and nothing really seemed to help me with my morning sickness except the pills the doctor gave me. Not always a first choice but if nothing else helps then it might be worth looking into.

Shan said...

I'm not normally a breakfast person, but I have found since Fynn began that Greek yogurt, banana and peanut butter granola with a *very small* amount of organic maple syrup is quite lovely in the morning. (Yeah, it's inspired by the Starbucks Honey parfait... only without the gobs of honey at the bottom *gag*.)

Here was my email (Subject: You can do it!):

I am mystified whenever I read or hear about businesses that swindle the customers they are very lucky to have. But I would love to read or hear about your business meeting the contract you made with Noelle at the Because Nice Matters blog.

Hoping you do the right thing.


Shan :+)

Typed single-handedly just for you!

I thought about really letting go of of a lot of my non-Noelle related frustrations on this woman, but I'd just typed out "because nice matters" and what I could have said seemed a bit overkill, lol.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

That is horrible she took your money! I cannot believe she isn't on Twitter or Facebook...a nice place to get some attention!

I am shooting her an email now...because that stinks!

Anonymous said...

I was scammed by her as well. I have tons of info on her. Google is amazing (found all this in less than an hour). She has not emailed me back. Here is just a tiny bit of what I found:

Lives in Georgia
32 years old

Email Addresses:

Her Websites: