Friday, January 21, 2011

The Girl Will Be Back Next Friday

I'm taking a break from painting to tell you something.
But before I tell you that something, I want to tell you this something.
The building we're's large.
With a lot of walls.
And very high ceilings.
And every time I climb up a ladder I think, "Please don't fall, please don't fall."
Oh...and there is no heat...and my hands are ice cubes.
That's the other reason I'm taking a break.

But this is the real something I wanted to tell you.
I love my husband.
Really.  Truly.  Forever.
The other night right before I fell asleep I looked over at him.
He had his phone open to the picture he took of our baby's ultrasound.
And he was studying that picture.
"I can almost see a chin," he said.
"And maybe those are ears."
And many minutes later, when he finally put the phone away, he said,
"I think it's a boy.  It looks like a boy."
And at the end of the day, when we're both finally at home, he puts his hand on my belly and asks,
"How's our baby today?"
I love my husband.
Really. Truly. Forever.


Anonymous said...

We're glad he is such a sweet Father already! :)

Heather said...

He truly seems like a loveable guy.

He probably NEVER gets grounded.

Dazee Dreamer said...

He is going to be an awesome dad. I can totally tell why you are taking some time off for him.

Amy said...

I think "we" love him too. :D

Julie said...

Sweet. Really!!! Jim was like that with Mike before he came. It is amazing how they can be such a huge part of being PG. You'll see. Enjoy being PG, no matter the sickenss, the cravings, the being uncomfortable, feeling rather large. It is amazing, from day one to delivery day. ENJOY!!!
Have a blessed weekend.

-stephanie- said...

Wahhhh, new daddies are so cute. :o) said...

That's very sweet. They always think it's boy, though. Just to be different, I'm going to say I think it's a girl.

Joann Mannix said...

GET OFF THE LADDER!!!! Please, you're scaring me.

That is so absolutely sweet.

When we got our very first ultrasound, my husband framed it immediately and showed it off to everyone.

He also thought she was a boy. We didn't find out during the pregnancy and even as I was giving birth, he said, "I can see his hair. That boy's got a lot of it."

When we were having our ultrasound with the third baby and they told us it was our third girl, my husband fell off his stool, he was so convinced it was going to be a boy. But there is no better Daddy of girls in the world.

Anonymous said...

That gave me goosebumps - boy or girl, that baby is one lucky kid to have parents like you two.

Shan said...

That's an excellent story for the baby book.


jayayceeblog said...

Gosh, I think I love him, too. What a big sweetie pie you are married to. And will you please stay the hell off the ladder???