Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living With A Man

Before I got married I owned two remote controls. 
One for the TV and one for the DVD player.
It took me months to figure out how to use each of the remotes.
To say I'm technologically challenged would be an understatement.

Enter Jason.
And his affinity for all things electronic.
Within months my TV was upgraded to a 55" flat screen.
My $30 DVD player was upgraded to the finest Blue ray player money can buy.
My normal TV channels were no longer enough.  If it's not in HD it's not worth watching.
Redbox became a thing of the past with Netflix and AppleTV.
And with all of this I was surrounded by remote controls.

We've been married for 10 months now.
And just last week I realized that I had finally figured out how to use all 6 remote controls.
It was such a happy day.

Enter Jason.
And his new and improved remote control.
"Noelle, I programmed all of the other remotes to this one control!  Your life will be so much easier now!"
"Push this button to turn everything on.  Push this button and then this one to turn the volume up.  Push this button to go to this screen, and then push this button to get to that screen, chant these words 7 times, and then push this button and you'll be able to get to the shows you've recorded.  It's so easy!"

Easy my ......
Jason was gone the other night.  I pushed the button that said 'All On.'  Amazingly the TV came on.  It took me 3 minutes to access the DVR.  I never did find the volume button. 
I searched the living room for 5 minutes looking for the 6 remotes I knew how to use.
I couldn't find them.

This morning while we were both waking up I asked Jason, "Where did you put the remote controls?"
"Why?  You don't need them," was his response.
"Just tell me where you put them," I said.
"I'm going to hide them so that you will be forced to learn how to use the new remote control."
And then he spent the next 5 minutes telling me this:
Just push this button for ....
And that button for...
And then the other button for...

Becca, can I come to your house to watch TV?


Meghan said...

That's so funny. My husband hates TV. He would prefer if we didn't even have one. I hope you can figure out the remote. I love your stories.

Cap'n Salty said...

Sometimes there is such a thing as too much technology. You should find the others and hoard them, haha!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I'm cracking up!!!!! the first Christmas gift Rick gave me was a new TV. Not because I needed one, but because HE WANTED one for the times we would watch movies or hockey at my house (this was a couple of years before we lived together.

Everything has to be BIGGER and BETTER!!!

So funny!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

that is so funny. except, at my house, it's my hubby that doesn't get it. :)

Anonymous said...

Noelle, is this a new look on your blog? I think so or I'm losing it. In any event, it looks very nice. I like the font. I am totally in the same boat as you with the addition of a Play Station 3. I love our new remote. We have a Harmony and it's one button - Watch TV...Watch DVD...thank goodness. When we had six different remotes if anything went wrong I just kept pushing buttons if anything went wrong making it a mess for hubby to fix -but I'd get so frustrated! Funny story.

-stephanie- said...

Oh good grief, I go through the same thing. It's a good thing my children know how to use the remotes.

Heather said...

I can totally relate. I have to have the kids help and if they are not home I call The Coach and he patiently walks me through it....again.

Venassa said...

Hahaha my boyfriend's remotes confuse me too. said...

I was babysitting a 3 year old last week, and she had to show me how to work the remote control. To say that I'm more tech challenged than you is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

10 months of being married sounds like a lot. Congratulations! :)

About that remote- you'll understand it soon. I can bet!

Sandra said...

Whenever the secretary calls on me to sub in a class I really hope that the lesson plan is not to watch a video because I hate looking stupid in front of the students.

And I make my boys get up at the insane hour of 4:30 so they can turn on the t.v and then the dvd player so I can do my yoga. And if I want to do the Wii fit? Someone better be home.

Cheeseboy said...

Interesting. My wife knows way more about this stuff than I do. I feel like such a woman.

Judie said...

My wonderful tech guy hooked up my new BluRay player. Rod would probably electrocute himself trying to do it. Then we discovered that we needed some thing that was NOT INCLUDED, and when I went to Best Buy, they had to ORDER IT! I was pissed. And to add insult to injury that little thing cost almost $100! It won't be in until next week, so my nice tech guy is coming back then!!!!!

Kim and Company said...

I feel the same way about my phone!

jayayceeblog said...

Men! You can't live with 'em and you're not supposed to kill 'em! We have the same situation at our house with electronics and remotes. Gaaaaah! Click your heels together 3 times and say "Give me my freakin' remotes back" cause you're not in Kansas anymore, Noelle!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!

I have to get the 15-year-old boy to set all the "equipment" when I want to watch a dvd.

I have absolutely no clue how to do it myself.

I may have to come watch tv at your house when he graduates and moves out.

Hopefully by then you'll have figured out your new remote!