Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Look At My Life

5:00-9:00 pm

leave work
maybe go to the gym with Becca...if I'm willing to be sick the rest of the night...
drive home
hug Jason
sit on couch
take a nap
wake up
ask Jason what he wants for dinner
watch as Jason heats something up in the microwave
eat (but usually not the same thing as Jason)
watch TV with Jason
leave Jason to his sports
climb into bed
fall asleep to Grey's Anatomy


Jason comes up to bed
Jason starts to talk
eat soda crackers or a granola bar
fall asleep while Jason is talking


wake up and go to bathroom


wake up and go to bathroom


the noise starts in my ear
the noise that sounds like a wood pecker
or a jackhammer
the noise that prevents me from getting sleep


move head around
try to unplug ear
go to the bathroom more than once
toss and turn

somewhere around 7:00am

noise in ear stops
finally fall asleep
sleep soundly


wake up due to extreme hunger
eat breakfast
get ready for work in slow motion
hug Jason
drive to work


eat lunch to avoid starving to death


fall asleep while sitting at desk
do some work
wonder at what point I might get fired

and then the cycle repeats itself...

*I'm due August 12th...which means I have two weeks left of my first trimester...I have HIGH hopes that my energy might make an appearance once the first trimester is over...

**I've been doing some painting at work.  Now now, before you get ready to lecture, it's water based paint and the area we're painting is very well-ventilated.  We're making some big changes here at work, and those changes are requiring that most of my family spend long hours knocking out walls, running new electrical wires, mudding, painting, etc. 

The kiddies are in heaven.  They bring their bikes and scooters to work every day after school and pretty much have free reign of the building we're remodeling.  A few days ago Trouble decided that she wanted to help me paint.

I wish I had taken pictures.  I was 'cutting in' (look at me...all smart with painting terms) around the baseboards and Trouble stood next to me.  Every few strokes she would say, 'My turn.'  I would put more paint on the brush and she would go to town on the wall.  And with every stroke she would say, "I hope my daddy likes this.  I hope my mommy likes this." 

At one point, during my turn with the brush, I dripped paint on the carpet.  "Lovely.  Jared is going to kill me," I mentioned to Trouble. 

With Trouble's next turn she said, "I hope my daddy likes this.  I hope my mommy likes this.  I hope Jared doesn't kill me."

I could not stop laughing. 

Also, Trouble told me that I was her 'very best favorite rock ever.'  Yes, rock.  She's into rocks.


Courtney said...

hope your energy comes back too!
and that kid is AMAZING :)

Venassa said...

Your routine sounds rough. I wake up a lot lately but not that much. Trouble says the cutest things.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would so be pulling the "I'm pregnant" card and not working. But then, I'm super lazy like that.

That Trouble. she would get along so well with my grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Pebbles usually make me happy, but for Trouble, I'll get used to rocks too. :)

You're never getting fired- you're pregnant. If anything, everyone is soon going to start getting you food!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle, I have an award for you over at my Blog:

Heather said...

Hey! Shaye Baby's birthday is August 12. (It's all about me right?)
Trouble is so funny! She will be a great cousin.

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

Getting fired for sleeping is not a cool way to go. If they say something, say you fainted from the paint fumes and threaten a lawsuit. Or you could always go the apology route. Tough call;)

jayayceeblog said...

I think we could all use a little happy time with Trouble ... she sounds like a total hoot! You poor thing. Those pregnancy hormones never make it easy.

Shan said...

I have a great fondness for August babies! Fynn was due the 18th, but arrived on the 8th. I can't wait to see when yours arrives!