Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tums...I Need Tums...

(the title of this post has nothing to do with this's just what was in my mind)

Jason and I are eating mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robins.
Except not together.
He's downstairs and I'm upstairs.
I go to the top of the stairs and check in once in a while.
I can't quite figure it out but Jason doesn't like watching Grey's Anatomy.
He watches his 'Who Done It' shows, and I watch Grey's Anatmoy.
And at some point he comes to bed and I turn the TV off.
It works for us.

That little Trouble?
My niece?

She was sitting on my lap tonight playing with my stomach.

"Well...You got a baby in your tummy?"
"Yes I do Sami."
"Because I wanted a little girl just like you."
"But Well I don't got a baby in my tummy."
"Well...Can I see your baby?"
"When it's born you can come to the hospital and see it."
"Well I hope you have a girl."

And then she jumped off of my lap and ran to her grandma.  "Grandma!  My favorite Well has a baby in her tummy!"

I love that Trouble.

Speaking of that baby in my tummy...Jason and I are going in for an ultra sound on Tuesday.
Just thought you should know...

Remember when my blog got a new look?
My friend Kristin who blogs at Betty Crocker Wannabe designed it for me.
She just started a new design company called Simply Klassic Design.
If you're thinking about a new blog look you should check her out!
She's doing a giveaway here for a free blog make over!

And one more bit of news...
Girls who don't wear makeup look silly...
As per Trouble's big sister Gabi who is 6...or maybe 5.
She told me this when I showed up at her house on Saturday sans makeup.
Thank you Gabi.
I'll keep that in mind.


TJ said...

instead of tums, try papaya enzyme pills. get the ones that taste yummy. i've seen them at walmart. and even though it will say to consult a doc before you take them on the bottle, they are just fine. tums work fine, but papaya pills taste way better, and just might work for you.

Kate said...

What? You want unsolicited pregnancy advice from those of us who have been there done that? I knew it!

So my heartburn trick is to eat 2 apples a day. An apple will get rid of your heartburn lickety split. If I skipped my apples, I'd always end up awake in the middle of the night with the pain.

Excited for your ultrasound!!

Sam said...

Mmmm, mint ice cream. Baskin Robins... I'll have to try it someday. *blush*

Your nieces are too darn cute!

And, can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Yay, Ultrasound!!!!!

Tums were my antacid of choice with my kids. And with my first, I lived on them.

Bossy Betty said...

So much wisdom from a little girl! Exciting news about the ultrasound.

Love your new look!

Judie said...

I like your new look, but I liked your old one, too. Glad you kept my favorite font.
My advice about the heartburn is to try everything everyone tells you about and pick the one that works the best!!

Sandra said...

Tums was my choice, as well. What I wished I knew was less fatty foods, more fiber and either ginger tea or peppermint tea. But choose what works for you.

Love that Trouble.

-stephanie- said...

I love Trouble stories. What a cutie.

Enjoy your ultrasound.

Sandra said...

So you having twins or what?
As for what kind of blogger you are, you are one of my favourites! And it's not only because I love your voice, but you are so darn tootin' nice...see, nice does matter!
As for my 77 comments, I think I just hit a nerve with the whole comparing blogging to high school. Goes to show that people never quite move on after high school.

Anonymous said...

Before I say anything else- no papaya in pregnancy.

Ultrasound, ultrasound, work your magic! Abracadabra. ;)

Julie said...

Noelle, CONGRATULATIONS on the baby. It's been awhile since I've stopped and to find you are going to have a baby. I'm excited for you. YEAH!!!! I also spent the last little while reading and catching up. I don't blame you for have a cow about your insurance out of state, the sure did bite.
Take care Noelle. God Bless you my dear.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and a beautiful picture of you and your niece. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous.

jayayceeblog said...

I went through a lot of Tums when I was pregnant, too. At least if you have to have Trouble on your back, it's a cute bit of Trouble! I love Grey's Anatomy so I'd be upstairs watching TV with you!!! And I'm afraid Gabi would think I look silly most of the time since I only put on makeup for work or a special occasion.