Monday, January 24, 2011

What's In A Name

This is Allie:

She's nine.
She's the oldest of all of my nieces and nephews.
She'll be a famous pianist one day...if she can remember to cut her fingernails.

One day last week while I was painting, she rode past me on her scooter.
She stopped long enough to say, "Allyssa."
"Allyssa?" I asked.
"That's what you should name your baby if it's a girl."
"Allie, I need boy names.  If the baby is a girl her name will be Emily Lynn."
"Emily?" Allie asked.
"Yes Emily.  I need boy names."

I suggested she list five boys from her class at school.


"I can't name him Wesley because Jason has a nephew named Wesley."
"I like Matthew, but Jason doesn't."
"And Allie, do you see a problem with the other three names?"
Allie thought about it and said, "No."
"Allie, my baby isn't going to be born in Mexico."
That little Allie...she cracked up.
"I guess you're right.  Those boys are from Mexico."
And as she rode off on her scooter she promised she would make me a list.

Yesterday she brought her list to dinner.

She suggested that Jason and I take turns crossing off the names we don't like.
And when we're left with just one...well, that will be the name we go with.
I studied those names...and there will be no need to eliminate names one at a time.
#38. Niblet
That's the name I'm going with.


Amy said...

And just like that you've got us all praying for a girl. :D

Please name your baby niblet.

Baby Sister said...

Oh come on, I like Horacio...

rplatt said...

My vote is Huey and then you can have twins next and name them Duey and Luey.

Judie said...

Hahaha! I thought that was Niblet! Cute!! Every day you can talk to your tummy-"Hey, Niblet!"

Dazee Dreamer said...

niblet. that is too funny.

how sweet of her to come up with all those names for you.

Venassa said...

Haha Niblet is defiitely unique.
I like that Harry is on the list followed by a scratched out 'Potter'.

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Niblet is awesome! What a sweet list!

Natasha and Jesse said...

I was just going to say that Niblet is a perfect name for cute little baby toes!

Niblet Cozmo has a nice ring to it... And I love how she crossed out Potter from the name Harry. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute, Niblet would be a cute little nickname. Such a sweet story. Noelle, did you take that picture of your niece? It is so serene. I love it.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

oh my gosh that's totally the name I was going to suggest to you! It's like we were separated at birth!!!

I loved your last post, by the way. So sweet, your hubby is. You're a lucky lady!

Kim and Company said...

Niblet Lyman Livingston! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Niblet!! :D :D :D I was already laughing at Harry Potter when you mentioned Niblet! :) No Niblet. The baby will love food, I know.

Kristie said...

I am totally cracking up right now! Oh Allie! What would you do without her? :)

Joann Mannix said...

I don't know, Horatio's pretty original. And please don't rule out Harry Potter and it also looks like #41 is Robert Kardashian. Now that's a name no one would ever forget. The father of the Kardashians and one of the attorneys who got OJ off scot free. You could call him BobKar for short.

Might want to think about it.

Emily Lynn is a beautiful name. said...

Niblet's better than Cozmo. (I think). This is too cute.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

#15 has my vote. You can't go wrong with Harley.

Cap'n Salty said...

I have a suspicion that regardless of what you name him/her, the nickname is already chosen, rofl.

And how is lil Niblet these days?

Cheeseboy said...

If you name your kid #15, Cosmo, I'll name my next one "Swoop".

Too funny.

acte gratuit said...

I approve of Emily.


Tiffany said...

Goodness... that Allie is mighty cute.

It makes we wonder how long she took coming up with the names on that list. She put some real thought into it!

I'm leaning towards Cozmo, but only because Moonstruck is a fave of mine.

Unknown said...

Niblet ... too cute. Stopping by to say thank you for checking out my new blog design. Yours is beautiful as well ~ I had to follow : )

Julie said...

Niblet, I love it. That is such a cute name. If nothing else a great nickname. Mike was peewee before he was born, he's 19 and his dad still in private calls him that. Just his dad's name for him.
Niblet....I really love that.
Mike is named after his father. Jim is James Michael, Mike is Michael James. Worked wonderfully for us, no grandparents upset cuz not named after them. Girl was going to be Michele Anne.
Take care my dear, have a blessed evening.

Sandra said...

I'm totally going with Ignacio! If you don't use that name, I'm having another baby just so I can!...come on, live on the edge, be daring! what if the boy needs a little therapy during his adult years?
Beautiful picture of your niece by the way. Very artistic!

jayayceeblog said...

Isn't she a big help with her big list of names? Niblet is cute, no doubt about it, but I love Cozmo!