Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have Questions

1. What should I blog about?

2. If one were to ship baked goodies to Wisconsin, what would one do to guarantee freshness?

3. Would you be embarrassed to hang out with me if I wore my hair in a ponytail every day for the next month?

4. What's your favorite blog to read?

5. Would any of you want to guest post for me while I'm away in the land of frijoles and tortillas?

6. Would you be offended if every time your friend talked to you she called you 'fatty'?

7. How can women walk in high heels?

8. What do you eat for lunch?

9. Is it warm where you live?

10. What should I blog about?


Leslie said...

1. You could blog about shoelaces and it would be fun to read. Just blog about anything that comes to mind and I love it!

2. Hmm, update us if you do find about about the baked goods info. I'm curious myself.

3. I'm growing my own hair longer again so I can ponytail it 90% of this summer.

4. Yours, of course! And lots of other blogs of friends. Family & friends are top of my list though I am highly amused by cakewrecks (hmm, can't think of their exact addy at the moment).

5. nope. I can barely keep up with my own boring blogs.

6. I really, really would be annoyed and offended. Even if I was bigger or really pregnant I'd still be SO annoyed at that.
7. How can women walk in high heels?

8. I eat a lot of dinner leftovers for lunch and cereal. not usually together.

9. Is it warm where you live? NO. and I'm also really annoyed at that. I'm craving warm sand and ocean at the moment.

10. What should I blog about? maybe an update on your inner ear troubles?

Julie said...

Anything, I'll read it.

Something air tight and also lots of packing peanut to keep things together.

I wear my hair in a pony tail to exercise and most of the summer or any time I have a new baby in the house.

Oh my dear, I have so many I check on a daily basis..I can't answer that one.

I'm not that interesting for someone to read here and at my two blogs, thanks for the offer though.

My heart would be broken if Brenda did that too me. Really hurts I bet.

I haven't a clue. The highest heals I have are a pair of boots with about a 2" heel and after 5 hours on them they hurt.

Today a PBJ on a pita bread with carrots and ice water. Yesterday stir fry with shrimp.

Nope, but today is warmer then it's been in a week. Above zero.

How about a project, anything new happening?

Cool questions, this was fun answering. Long for you to read but still fun.

Thanks for stopping by Noelle. It felt so good for you to say that.

Take care and God Bless!!!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

1. ponytails and high heels.
2. get on a plane and deliver them yourself.
3. absolutely.
4. yours. duh.
5. wish i could but my underwater basket weaving class takes up most of my time.
6. i'm sorry, i'll stop doing that.
7. i don't know, i wear 4 inch heels every day.
8. spaghettios. it's only 67 today.
10. me.

Vibha said...

I can answer a few questions
1. Blog about anything but just remember there are people who wait for your post
3. If there is a chance for us to hang out together , I won't be embarrassed with your pony tail.
5. I would have guest posted. But I am not very sure of cheerfulness of the post.
6. Yes I would surely be offended if any of my friends call me fatty or skinny or any thing i don't liked to be called.
7.Even I don't know how can woman walk in high heels. But a cation, don't wear heels during pregnancy
8. We in India eat rice mostly . Rice with variety of vegetables . :) We have lot of spice and color in our food
9. It is not warm where I live.But it is as hot as in oven . Summer temperatures go as high as 50 degree centigrade
10. Refer answer no.1

Natasha and Jesse said...

1. Fat squishy baby cheeks and cheesecake.

2. It depends on the baked goods but it mostly works to put them in a plastic bag or tin and ship as perishable.

3. No

4. I have too many to name them all.

5. My posts are boring, but thanks for the offer.

6. Yes, absolutely

7. I wonder the same thing.

8. Mostly leftovers. What do you eat for lunch?

9. No. It's cold but not snowing.

10. The progress of your baby and some pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

1. You should draw.
2. My address does not say Wisconsin. I do not understand how you got confused. But you're pregnant, so I'll forgive you. :)
3. I had no idea my ponytail might be embarrassing. That's madness!
4. Do the Platt girls fish for compliments often?
5. Hahahahahaha! Your followers like you for a reason.
6. YES. And I'd let her know that asap, without the use of ANY sugar-coated sentences.
7. Do all women do that? Not. Trust me. I know. :)
8. Lunch will be dry fruit, carrots and oatmeal at 3:30am.
9. Kind of cold. If 22 degrees celsius can be called that.
10. Ah. Beats me!

A. B. Keuser said...

1. Whatever you feel like that day!
2. I have no reason to ship baked goods to Wisconsin…
3. I’ve worn my hair in a ponytail almost every day for the last month
4. Bye Bye Pie! But that’s just because of the pictorial overload
5. I’d offer to guest post, but I’d be asking Question #1 to myself.
6. That depends entirely on the relationship.
7. I love heels – the higher the better – and I walk by putting one foot in front of the next!
8. I normally eat sandwiches or leftovers from last night’s dinner. Whatever makes my mornings easier.
9. It’s usually warm – one of the reasons I moved here – but right now we’re having freeze warnings. I’ll take my summers of 120degrees, thank you very much.
10. Whatever you feel like that day!

-stephanie- said...

1. I don't think you have bloggy block enough to ask this question.

2. Hop on a plane, fly to Wisconsin and bake at the Wisconsin home.

3. Heck no!

4. The blogs I read are all my favorites.

5. No, but thanks for asking.

6. YES!

7. practice, practice, practice

8. food

9. No!!!

10. You're doing a fine job with the blogging you do.

Venassa said...

1. What should I blog about?
Hmm... if I knew, maybe I'd blog more myself but I'm at a loss lately.

2. If one were to ship baked goodies to Wisconsin, what would one do to guarantee freshness?
In a zip-loc bag, then in an air-tight container, in a box and wrapped.

3. Would you be embarrassed to hang out with me if I wore my hair in a ponytail every day for the next month?
Nope. Ponytails are awesome.

4. What's your favorite blog to read?
I dont have one favorite, I have about 20, but yours is one of them.

5. Would any of you want to guest post for me while I'm away in the land of frijoles and tortillas?
I don't feel good enough to guest post for anyone haha.

6. Would you be offended if every time your friend talked to you she called you 'fatty'?
I wouldn't be offended, myself, but I would get annoyed very quickly.

7. How can women walk in high heels?
I have no idea. My feet dont seem to bend that way.

8. What do you eat for lunch?
Umm.. today I had a burger and mashed potatoes.

9. Is it warm where you live?
For like a month in the summertime

10. What should I blog about?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

1. Even on your worst day... you're still good so say anything you want.

2. FedEx overnight priority.

3. Ponytail works for me! (but not as well as a bun on top of my head.)

4. Your blog is #1. Because nice matters...

5. No guest post for me - you'd lose readers (and apparently people would leave curses for comments! What's up with that?!)

6. If you called me "fatty", no. If anyone else did, yes.

7. Who cares how they do it - just that they do it. After all, high heels make your legs look longer and lift your butt up like J-Lo. (it's a guy thing!)

8. Lunch? What's lunch?

9. Compared to where we should be blogging from (NYC) - yes it's warm!

10. See #1

Kim and Company said...

1. Whatever you want.
2. Good question.
3. Yes
4. yours
5. I couldn't do it justice.
6. yes! Tell her off immediately! She obviously has no respect for your delicate situation. I mean that sincerely!
7. You've got me
8. Usually a sandwich
9. Nope
10. See #1

Baby Sister said...

Why send it to Wisconsin when you can just give it to me for free?? :D said...

#6 - yes. That's no friend.
Happy weekend, Noelle.

Courtney said...

1. things that will make this bored grad student giggle
2. Ziploc Bags?
3. No. I wear my hair in a ponytail 5/7 days a week
4. Besides yours? ;)
5. Sure, would love to!
6. Is she joking and it's therefore a term of endearment? I'm okay with that. Otherwise, yes; offended.
7. No.Idea.
8. Soup, salad, sandwich, whatever.
9. No. Silly Eastern Europe.
10. Penguins

Shan said...

1. Pregnancy. People are suckers for good pregnancy stories.

2. Overnight them to California... by the time they arrive at my place, I'm sure to have some great ideas.

3. Pssht! That's how I've been rockin' it for about three years.

4. Yours is high on my list, but my utmost favorite is Bossy Betty.

5. I'd rather be in the land of frijoles and tortillas. I thought I was Thursday afternoon, but it turned out that I'd fallen asleep while nursing Fynn before heading home. But if you still need a guest poster, I'd be there for ya!

6. That's not even a little funny. Pregnancy sure brings out the idiot in some people (and I don't mean she who is pregnant).

7. Very carefully, and with the use of handrails whenever possible.

8. Hopefully something from Casa Sanchez if I'm working. Otherwise who knows.

9. At my residence, no. But I work at a lower elevation, so there it has been quite lovely. It'll be in the 80's this weekend.

10. No really, I doubled my readers while pregnant. I can now boast having *dozens* of readers )plus three)!

Cap'n Salty said...

1. Whatever comes to mind.

2. When my husband was overseas, I would ship him cookies in those foil baking pans wrapped in more foil. He said they were still soft when he got them.

3. Nope, cause I wear one too!

4. It depends on my mood.

5. Sure!

6. Yes, I would be very offended.

7. I don't know, that's why I don't.

8. See #4.

9. Go see my blog and answer that yourself, haha!

10. See #1

jayayceeblog said...

1. Your blog posts are always wonderful, although some of my favorites are your hand-written, hand-colored "The Girl" posts. Do you have any hobbies?

2. I baked and decorated cookies for a Halloween party my sister was having, shipped them from Arizona to Oregon via UPS and they arrived 2 weeks later in a big pile of crumbs. Apparently, the shipment was lost and routed through Illinois or something. Don't do it!!!

3. Nope. I have ponytail love!

4. Like potato chips, can't have just one. =D

5. I'm having trouble posting my own stuff so I'd have to say Nope, Nada on guest posting.

6. Friend???

7. Verrrrrrry carefully!

8. Sandwich and chips, usually.

9. Yes, I'm in Phoenix and the high today is in the 60s.

10. How about some triplet stories? Do you have a psychic connection?

Kate said...

Ponytails are bueno. But I hope it's not because you got a bad haircut???

I would guest blog for you but I'd probably end up offending your readers.

Nikki said...

1. Blog about anything. You are always an interesting read.

2. Don't you mean you're shipping baked goodies to California? ;)

3. If I had the honor of hanging out with you, I'm sure I wouldn't notice your ponytail. I'd be like, How cool is this?! I'm hanging out with Noelle! Occasionally I have dreams that I meet some of my favorite blog people I read. And although I do recall seeing you in high school, I don't think we ever met.

4. That's a hard question. I probably have a list of my top ten. And you're in it.

5. I'm not sure I'd have anything interesting to read like your readers are used to.

6. Yes. I'd probably cry, and then shovel in junk, and prove her right.

7. Once upon a time I could. I mostly just did in pageants. But I'm certain I don't maintain the ability to walk in them anymore.

8. The crusts off of whole wheat peanut butter & honey sandwiches. hahaha Or leftovers from dinner the night before. We eat a lot of pasta too. It's easy and the kids never complain about it.

9. The weather here on the Central West Coast is usually about 60-66 degrees Fahrenheit. This past week it got down to 36 one morning. But the week before was near 80 every afternoon.

10. Blog about your need to help your wee little blog friend <a href=">Nikki</a> reach at least 100 followers. And how it will boost her self-esteem and she may even stop snorking down the melting candies that are for Valentine's day goodies.

Elizabeth said...

Funny! I'm just going to answer the ones I have an answer for.
2. Put them in a ziplock and ship express.
3. Only if you didn't wash your hair for that whole month.
5. Yes (see #7)
6. Even yesser.
7. I would answer this question when I blog for you (see #5).
8. Leftovers from dinner the night before.
9. I live where you live, so you know the answer to that question.

xo -El