Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Take 217

Have you ever eaten yogurt with a knife?
I figure at the rate I'm going, it will take me well past lunch before I finish this yogurt.
Note to self: buy spoons for the office.

I made pasta for dinner last night.
When I went to taste it to make sure it was done I burned my lip.
Jason asked if he could kiss it better.
All I could say was 'ow ow ow.'
He said he could taste the burn.
Today I have a blister.
I knew there was a reason I don't cook dinner.

Trouble and her sisters were at our house the other night.
Trouble found Emily's clothes.
With every outfit she held up, Trouble would ooh and ahh.
I was in the other room when Trouble ran full speed down the hallway carrying a pair of newborn pants.
When she reached me she snuggled up to those pants, sighed a big sigh, and said, "I just love Emily so much!"
I'll be honest...I got teary eyed.

My mom and dad went out of town yesterday.
I think it's the first time Mom has been on an airplane in three or four years.
She called me twice asking about what she could and couldn't take in her carry-on.
She was worried about being scanned at the airport.
Dad didn't know how to print his itinerary and so I did it for him.
I gave them both step by step directions to use the self check-in kiosks at the airport.
Mom was worried she had too much shampoo.
We suggested she leave her shampoo home and just use what the hotel provided.
She was worried they might not have shampoo.
And she was worried about not being able to find a travel size bottle of moose.
She called me once from the airport to let me know they made it through security.
She called me again to let me know that her hotel did in fact have shampoo.
That mother of mine...she makes me laugh.

And finally, my baby girl doesn't kick like she has heart problems.
I think she woke up yesterday and decided to have a party...and she's still going strong.
I love it.


Vibha said...

I am pretty sure that the day she learns to speak complete sentences the first thing she would say would be , " Mom how could you even think for a sec that I would have a problem ? How could you even think for a sec that I can't fight my problem if I had any ? I have been waiting till now to tell you this in words but mom haven't I been telling you this even before I was born , by my kicking exercises. "

Have a peaceful day dear . The more peaceful you stay the more wonderful your baby is gonna be .


Lalis said...

That Emily is kicking away 'cause she's loved!!!

Sandra said...

Oh a dancer! or a soccer player! or just a little girl that runs around and gets into everything and makes her mommy and daddy laugh!

Venassa said...

Im constantly burning parts of my mouth when cooking, so I feel your pain.
Glad to hear little Emily is kicking up a storm. When are you due anyway?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I love your posts! They're so full of raw honesty and LIFE!

Give Trouble a hug from me! She's pretty precious too!

Tiffany said...

It makes me laugh a little to think about your mom posing a threat to national security.

We just did the safety dance on our recent trip. I'm sooo glad I don't travel a lot. I felt a little like cattle being 'worked' on a ranch. Mooo!

p.s. Kick Em! Kick!


Taylor said...

Your baby is already so loved by her parents and is a blessed little girl!

Shan said...

Hey, I love Emily so much, too!

jayayceeblog said...

Do you think she's tap dancing or maybe practicing ballet? Oh, the possibilities are endless. You're a good daughter, helping your parents out with the travel stuff. It's so confusing! After my baby shower for my first daughter, I washed all the clothes and sat down on the floor to fold them. Held up the first tiny undershirt and burst into tears. So emotional! So hormonal! How wonderful that your sweet Emily is so loved before she ever makes her first appearance!!!