Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Was Schooled

My mom has a ginormous vacuum.
I think someone custom built it for her.
Here...I'll show you.
It's so big I had to take two pictures.

Don't mind the dust on my pots.
I'm working on it.

Yesterday I asked if I could borrow the vacuum.
My dad about had a fit.
"It's a bad idea."
"It's going to get broken."
It didn't get broken because we threatened the lives of the employees who brought it to me.
They loaded it in the back of our 6-wheeler and drove it slowly to my office.

I turned it on and was disappointed.
Somehow I thought it should be making more noise than it was.
With the amount of dirt on my floor, I expected something louder.
However, the floor looked cleaner so I persisted.

I vacuumed off and on the entire day.
Turns out vacuuming causes contractions and I had to take it easy.
At some point during the day my sister came into my office.
She saw what I was doing and said to her 8 year old daughter, "Erika, can you vacuum the floor please?"

This is Erika.

She said, "Sure Mommy.  Do I put it on 2?"
My sister said yes, Erika turned the vacuum on and...
There was noise...lots and lots of noise...just as there should have been.
"Erika?  What did you put on 2?" I wondered.
She showed me, I tried it, and what do you know...
Three hours later and I finally figured out how to use the vacuum.

It's a hard world to live in for us old people.

And for your enjoyment...
I walked into the kitchen in my office and found this:

She was just hanging out in the cupboard.
I wonder if I could fit in there...
It looks like the perfect hiding place.


Brynn said...

Cute girls! Glad Erika came to your rescue. PLEASE TAKE IT EASY! You are making me nervous. No cleaning and only sitting down work. I know it's super hard but definitely worth it. Hang in there. You are almost done.

Beth Zimmerman said...

When Josiah was a toddler we lived in a tiny little house and kept his toys in a closet at the end of our very short hall. He used to throw all of the toys out into the hall and then sit in the cabinet and play for hours!

And would you quit doing things you shouldn't be doing! Emily needs you to sit still! I know that's hard but remind yourself that you are doing it for her!

Love you, girlie!

Taylor said...

That vaccuum is impressive!

Tiffany said...

It has come to my attention that I must personally teach you how to become a true slacka** before you go and accidentally induce labor!! Good gravy girl!

Because I'm not able to zoom down there right now I will give you this long distance instruction...
If it can't be delegated it doesn't need to be done. Vacuuming is considered to be an exertion. Don't do it. Let the dust pile up. Let the carpets get gross. Let the laundry wait until Jason gets home. Emily needs to relax in the hottub a little while longer, so sit down Missy!!

Yours very truly,
The shrew in Farmington

Of One Heart said...

That Trouble brings me a shower of smiles. :)

I agree- you're almost done! Eat those things you're addicted to.

Lula Lola said...

I decorated for a wedding last weekend and was getting ready to vacuum the sanctuary and couldn't figure out their vacuum. I guess a broom isn't that complicated, but it's not that effective on carpet either.