Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Because I Love You Dad

97% of the world's population is intimidated by my dad.
He's just got that look I guess.
The stern, don't mess with me look.
I can think of a handful of people over the years who saw right through his look, and got to know the dad I have always known.

The dad who is addicted to peanut M&Ms.
The dad who goes through phases of being addicted to burnt almond fudge ice cream, and eats it every night, right out of the container.

One of the few to see through my dad is my sister-in-law Rachel.
I think secretly she's got Dad wrapped around her little finger.

Dad has been a working on a list.
A list that would probably intimidate you if you picked it up to read it.
It intimidated me.
But not Rachel.
Instead, Rachel just added to the list when Dad wasn't around.
And her additions are the reason I'm glad she's a part of our family.

Thanks for the laugh Rachel.
And thanks for sticking up for me when Dad sees that I posted this on my blog.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Awww your dad doesn't look so tough! Besides ... I share his list! (Prior to Rachel's additions!)

Venassa said...

Your dad looks like a sweet guy. If I didnt know the truth already I think I might've been able to see right through him.
I love Rachel's additions to the list.

Dazee Dreamer said...

ha. Your sister in law is a blast.

My husband has that same affect on people. They think he is all gruff and mean, but he is the kindest, compasssionate man I have ever met.

Taylor said...

I like this Rachel! funny! People are scared of my dad, too. Weird.

Cheeseboy said...

Haha! So which of the two handwritings is your dad's and which is your sister-in-law's?

Jessica said...

LOL, I like your Dad. He calls me Stewy and and promised that when he's not Bishop/Stake President/Mission President/Etc, I can call him Eddy. :)

Missy said...

This made me laugh really loud! AND I am sitting in my car with the windows down, on the downtown square, waiting for my sweet husband to get out of the dentists office. People are looking at me. I'm new to your blog by the way.

Marci said...

your dad is one of the most intimidating people i have ever met in my entire life. true story. i like him though and secretly wish that your parents had had one more daughter named me...and i love that rachel did that!