Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Being Friends

If I were in charge, there would be a parking spot or two reserved for pregnant women...right next to the handicapped parking.  Just so you know...

Yesterday as I was finishing up with my twice weekly non-stress test I got a text from one of my dearest friends.
She was texting to let me know that she wasn't pregnant.
I started to cry.
I had been hoping and praying that her latest round of fertility treatments worked.

I thought about the girl who had come into the hospital in handcuffs and who was accompanied by two armed guards, who was just through the curtain from me, having her own non-stress test done.  I thought about her baby, a girl, who will go into foster care the minute she's born...and I was mad.  I was really mad.

I didn't stay mad, because being mad doesn't do anyone any good...

Today I got this email from my friend:

My husband made me smile this morning...
On our way to work he said, “you are going to Noelle’s baby shower this weekend, right?!” When I replied “of course” he said, “good because you need to go – this is really really awesome and I hope that they know how excited we are for them. We have to get them a killer gift...”

So did you decide to register anywhere?  I need to find you a “killer” gift under his orders (like I wouldn’t anyway!) If you didn’t, what do you need?

I hope that I can face my own heart aches and challenges with as much grace as my friend does.
I'm blessed to be able to call her friend.


Of One Heart said...

This made me cry. Ah! Hmm. Can I write to your friend, here?

Dear Friend,

I'm sending sincere prayers from my heart to yours.

Dear Noelle,

Can the killer gift be a chauffeur? Jump! The opportunity is tempting!

I want an invite to this baby shower, too! :(

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Noelle...I'm the lucky one.

Really really blessed for great friendships like yours to help pick me and carry me on.

I love you.

adrienzgirl said...

We actually have many stores down here in FL that do have parking spaces reserved for expectant mothers. There are one or two places that also have parking for mother's with infants.

Venassa said...

Some of our stores have pregnancy parking. It's nice. I just wish they had them at the grocery store. Pushing heavy grocery carts to the back of the busy parking lot is not fun.
Your friends sound really great. I'm sure you'll get all kinds of killer gifts.

Amber said...

Well the past week and a half i have been in St george, and in the harmons parking lot there, there are parking spots reserved for pregnant women only!!(as the sign states!!!) said...

It's really touching that she and her husband can so readily set aside their own grief. You and Jason have the same integrity and would surely do the same - were roles reversed.
Keep faith,

Dazee Dreamer said...

I feel bad for your friend. My little sister had to do invitro. She had many many I'm not pregnants. But she did get 2 of the cutest girls out of it. They are not twins, just sisters born a few years apart.

Bossy Betty said...

Life seems so unfair at times. Thinking of your friend....

Shan said...

My theory is that you have amazing friends because you are an amazing friend. It's the opposite of a vicious circle.

So excited for your shower! I love celebrating babies (but I hate that one game with the chocolate filled diapers... apparently I'm in the minority... bunch o' weirdos).

TJ said...

your friend is braver than i. i avoid baby showers. i've tried a few and i'm miserable the whole time. you can give a gift to someone without going to a shower. which is what i now do. less painful, and less chance of me losing it, being rude, or anything else not nice.

also, there is 'expectant mother' parking at most commissaries. in germany they have 'frauenparken' almost every where. which is awesome.

Mary said...

It might to hard to see that woman in jail having a baby when you know others who wish to be pregnant, but don't forget the foster to adopt parents who have been waiting for such a thing.

The two kids we adopted have a baby sister who was born under same circumstances. She was healthier than she would have been had the mom not been incarcerated, no drugs, alcohol and a balanced diet. The family she was placed with adopted her a few months ago.She is happy and doesn't know any of the trauma her older siblings went through.

It's not a fair world, but people makes choices and have consequences. When it involves children, you better know that God is right there with them. Knows everything that is going on and places them where they need to be. He turns those moments into strengths in their lives. For everyone who wonders where God is in bad situations---He's right in the middle of it staging the outcome.

Sorry if that is a little overboard, but personal experience there. We gave up on fertility treatments and were driven to foster care.

Give Back Today said...

Very sweet. It's nice to have great friends! I also agree on the reserved parking for pregnant women and women with kids under 3 or so.