Friday, June 10, 2011

On A Friday Night

If you weren't aware...
There is something incredibly humorous about watching your husband box with the WII.
Jason's opponent won't stay down and Jason's bothered.
Oh wait...Jason just got a knock out.
He's dancing around the room as if he were really in the boxing ring.

It's been a long day.
I wish I could say I handled everything about this day with grace and class.
However, the pity party for one I held on my bed a little while ago pretty much made grace and class fly out the window.

Thank goodness Jason is home for two days and was here to remind me that I'm not a wimp...
That it's okay to cry once in a while...
That it's okay to tell him how much I hurt all over...

Speaking of Jason...
Guess what he told me when he got home from his most recent business trip?
We're going to be getting boxes and boxes of new 'gear' in the mail: tents, pads, down blankets, packs...
You would have been proud of how excited I acted.
I said all the right things and was giddy in all the right spots.
Inside I was thinking "Oh my honk...just what we need...another tent."
Don't ask me where we're going to put it all - the storage unit is full and Jason's office is bursting at the seams.
Maybe I'll secretly open an Etsy shop for backpacking gear.

That future daddy even ordered a 'demo' size air mattress and down that will be the perfect fit for Emily...until she's about a year old.
I wonder how much camping he thinks we're going to be doing while Emily is a baby?

One of my dear friends is hosting a baby shower for me next Saturday.
Because some of you have asked...if you'd like an invitation, just say the word. 

I must go do my wifely duties and cheer my husband on during his WII tennis match.
I'm glad to see him finally using his Christmas present.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

PS.  To the 'Shrew in Farmington'...I adore you!  Just so you know...


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

This one totally had me laughing Noelle! Yes, just how often does one take a baby camping?? But really it's too cute, he's just excited!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your party. Wish I could be there!!!

Elizabeth said...

Swimming. May I recommend swimming for the 'hurts all over.' You don't actually have to swim laps. Just get in the water and let it support you for a bit. It feels heavenly.

xo -E

Amy said...

That is an etsy shop I could get on board with. :D

Also, camping with a teeny tiny baby is WAY more fun than you think. AS long as you feel good. Let Jason take you somewhere amazing at least once - when you feel up to it.

Dazee Dreamer said...

boys and their toys. :)

I think your esty shop is a good idea. or there's always think of all the stuff you could buy for emaily by selling his old sample stuff. just sayin

Sandra said...

I love watching my boys box with the wii. they are just not allowed to watch me.

And I want an invite, except it is strawberry days and I will be with the kids in the morning, my birthday celebration early afternoon and then I have to work the closing shift at Target. Bummer. I'll just have to come by your office sometime before the little sweetie gets here.

Of One Heart said...

There's something so cute about you two- it's lovely! :)

Pity party all okay. You're a strong girl. We know, too.

Elise said...

I wish I could come to your baby shower! They are so fun! But I will probably be sleep-deprived and brain-dead with a newborn at that time :) So, just know that I would've come under different circumstances!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Just so you know...the only thing better than Wii boxing is Wii "Just Dance". To watch Aaron do a Mr. Roboto dance to Beyonce is beyond hilarious.

We need to get them together!

Cox Family said...

Noelle, you're great! You and your great family are always in our prayers. Oh, and Rob says that we'll be happy to "store" any of the gear that you can't!

Heather said...

I agree that selling off the stuff is a great idea!!
Camping baby will be so cute!!

Watching people play Wii is the best part of the game. Saigie is the boxing champ at our house!!