Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elimy Made Trouble's Day

My niece Samantha, who most of you know as Trouble, calls Emily 'Elimy.'
Every few days Trouble will ask me, "Does Elimy still have her tube?"
Trouble was told that as long as Elimy had her feeding tube she couldn't hold her.
(That was our excuse to let Elimy grow a little bit first.)

Elimy and I paid a visit to Grandma and whoever else was at work.
(We have a family business that keeps us all busy.)
I asked Trouble, "Do you want to hold Elimy?"
You would think she was told she was going to Disneyland or something.

The minute I took the picture Trouble said, "Noelle take Elimy.  I have to tell my mom I finally got to hold her!"

I'm so grateful that Elimy is loved!

And because I can't resist...look at this one.


wjmom said...

I've smiled so hard that my cheeks hurt!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

So sweet! Emily has that look in the last one that says "Mom, are you really taking another picture of me??"

Lalis said...

Oh, Trouble looks so happy!!!!!! And Little Miss Elimy looks like she's discovering how yummy her hands are :)


Joann Mannix said...

She is such a love, such a sweet beauty.

Of One Heart said...

And that picture, my love, needs to hop straight into a frame. To see Sami and Emily together makes my heart beat faster! Cuteness galore, this.

Julie said...

I love it. I so love reading about your family. And Emily, oh my sweet little Emily. She is growing so fast.
Thank you Noelle!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That is precious! And Elimy is getting so big! She looks GREAT, Noelle!