Sunday, January 8, 2012

Emily's Vest is the First Item of Clothing Her Daddy Ever Bought Her

Today's post is here:

But because I love you I'll show you today's best picture.

My heart is full of things I want to say...and one of these days maybe I'll be brave enough to try.

Thanks for coming back day after day.
It might sound pathetic, but your comments and emails really and truly brighten my sometimes quiet and mundane home-bound life.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry I have been rather absent the last month. She is so beautiful Noelle.. and I love the vest..

Jen said...

She is just beautiful!

Kim said...

Pure sweetness, I love her in her new vest! xoxoxox

The Queen said...

What a beautiful baby.. she rocks that vest.

Shan said...

You deserve all the love and support you get, Noelle.


Anonymous said...

Little fashionista! She is too cute!

... Leslie

Kimber said...

Love yer guts, amiga.

Of One Heart said...

Daddy might just take her mountain climbing soon. Watch out Mommy!

She's rocking the pink!