Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Realization

I spent part of my morning wearing pajamas that were covered with Emily's throw up.
I spent the rest of the day in my exercise pants and an old flannel shirt of Jason's.
I fully recognize that I'm the perfect candidate for What Not To Wear.
Feel free to nominate me.
I won't be offended.


Elizabeth said...

I'll nominate you if you nominate me ;).

xo -E

Anonymous said...

I nominate you for....BEST MOMMY starring in the role of 'mommy extraordinaire' in the movie named 'This, Too, Shall Pass'! The hardest part is simply hanging in there and jammies are the wardrobe of choice! ALWAYS praying for you and sending you huge hugs! (my niece had a similar prob with her little angel and she is now doing fine and going to kindergarten!!! I am praying the same results for you, except maybe homeschooling cause school sucks really bad these days!)

Of One Heart said...

Now, I think you're the perfect candidate for What Not To Wear and still look awesome- and you've got my vote!

Courtney said...

:) hehe!

also, i know i haven't commented in ages - too much life, not enough downtime for comments. but you and your little girl and the rest of your family have been in my prayers! i've been reading along with all your trials and adventures and want to commend you on your faith and your strength and your love for your little girl. she's lucky to have a momma and daddy like you guys :)

cathyjoy said...

I was just gonna say ... we could go together! Although my jammies are pretty cute specially since they don't have throw-up on em!

Joann Mannix said...

I spent an entire evening one night at a party, walking around with dried spit up from my shoulder, trailing down the back of my dress. No one told me. It's the badge of motherhood.

And my babies are all grown, but I can still be found most days in my jammies. We'll all go on What Not To Wear together.

Shan said...

I can relate. Yesterday I decided that I should have been voted "Most Likely to Stand in Front of People with *Something* on My Clothes." (At that moment it was roasted butternut squash soup... that splashed me about an hour before a presentation to 25 middle schoolers. Later that night, Fynn peed on me, but I was done for the day, thankfully.)

And I want to go on that show, too... only without the public shaming part. Is that too much to ask?

Jessica said...

Ah, but the key to getting on that show is actually going out like that. Doesn't sound like you're quite there...yet. Unless of course you actually did go out like that, in which case you have my nomination too. ;)