Monday, June 11, 2012

Antibiotics Make Everything Better

Remember the night stands I asked you about?

They now look like this:

(the picture doesn't do it justice)

I don't think the glass jar is going to stay there permanently.
It's just there so I won't break it until I find a new home for it.
I'm still looking for the perfect something for that spot.
And if I see hardware I can't live without I'll do something about it, but I don't mind what is already there.

Do you like my journal?

Here's a better view:

Do you remember when I said I was going to tell you about things that you shouldn't live without?
A journal is one of those things.
I collect journals.
So if you see one I can't live without, tell me and I'll run right out and find it.

* * * * *

Our sweet little Emily is so miserably sick.
She just lays in mine or Jason's lap and whimpers.
She's never had a fever in her life, until today.
 She has an ear infection, and a lousy cold.

Em never cries.
I mean never.
But in the last 24 hours she has cried more than the rest of her life put together.
Poor girl.

* * * * *'re a quiet bunch.

* * * * *

Do you want more story or should we leave it at the tragic ending?

* * * * *

Our girl loves this toy...and can't get enough of the lights that flash.
And I love our girl.


Lalis said...

I'm surprised to hear that Em's never had a fever... Aren't you sort of relieved that you're dealing with normal kid sickness... well, in addition to the throw-up? Just me rambling... Poor kid. I hope she gets better soon!

I like the night stands so much better now! No offense meant at what you had before... ;)

Please, more story. If for no one else, please finish it for me?

walden said...

I'm in love with the lamp (and the glass jar, but even better if it's somewhere else you love it to be)! And, please, more story. I was just listening in quiet reverence, but have loved it.

Love you-


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I'm not so patiently waiting for the next installment. bring on Chapter 5!

Judy said...

Poor little Emily! Hope she feels better soon!!!

I second what everyone else has said...more story please.

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

No! Do not leave it at the tragic ending!

I love journals too! If only I could remember to write in them!

Poor Emily! Sending her "get well soon" prayers!

Theresa said...

Praying for your sweet little one! And I used to love to journal. I should get back to it..

CK said...

Next chapter...please!

I hope Emily feels better soon. Ear infections are no fun, especially for the little ones.

MamaMags said...

more of what could be a best seller story please!

Dazee Dreamer said...

That poor girl. I hope she gets better soon.

Beth Zimmerman said...

MORE story! A.S.A.P. Praying for Em & her precious parents! Love the side tables!

Anonymous said...

I want the rest of the story please.

Anonymous said...

Please oh please finish the story!!!

Anonymous said...

Those nightstands look awesome! I wish I could be that crafty :)

I hope little miss Emily feels better!

Elleny said...

Darling night stands, darling journal, darling little sick Em... get better quick!

Traci said...

Poor Em! Can't a girl (And her MOMMY) catch a break? I love your nightstands, and your headboard, and the cute bench at the end of your bed. It's making me want to re-do my bedroom. I think my husband would not be happy with that.

Please finish the story. <3 Hugs!