Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Have Never Really Liked Animated Movies

"It's okay if you giggle, it will only tickle a little..."

...the theme song from Doc McStuffins on the Disney Jr Channel.
I could also sing the Hot Dog song from Micky Mouse Clubhouse if you're interested.

The Doc McStuffins song is the ONLY song that every runs through my head.
I'm pathetic.

And I'm also tired.
So tired.
This two weeks is the longest two weeks that Jason has ever been gone, and I'm only one week into it.

Friends, one day I'll finish my story...probably once you've forgotten the first part of it, but I want to write it well and in order to do that I need brain function.

I hope you'll stick around until then.
It could be 2016 before brain function happens.

My sweet sister-in-law texted me yesterday and said, "I know I'm jumping to the end of the story but does your heart recover?"
Neither of my sisters-in-law knew anything about this part of my life.

Is it annoying that I keep showing you parts of my bedroom makeover? know, instead of waiting until everything is done?

My bedding finally came today and I'm so excited to show someone.

I'm currently looking for a blue throw to put at the bottom of the bed, and as soon as Jason sticks around long enough to remember that he's married, we're going to paint the walls...probably a shade of gray.
I'll paint the picture frames, add another pillow to the bench, and I'm saving my pennies for the picture I want to hang above the bed.

What do you think?
(I wish you could see the detail of the's so beautiful.)

It's a crying shame that 90% of the time the bench is covered with laundry waiting to be put away.
(DO NOT be fooled.  That laundry just got thrown onto the floor for the taking of this picture.)

When I first suggested we put the bench here both Jason and my sister said, "But it will just become another place to put stuff."
I acted all offended but they were right.

My eyes are telling me I need to shut them.

But wait...

Guess who pulled herself up from sitting to standing?
And guess who is going to start crawling any time now?

Oh my goodness...that little lady is going to be a year old in just 7 weeks.
Should I throw a huge party and invite the world to celebrate that she made it to her first birthday?


walden said...

No! No party. Take my word for it on this one, just trust me. Not needed...mommy needs rest and peace...and that's what baby needs, too. My two cents.

So glad you like the have such a sense of classic and soft and still fun and edgy. Nicely done! Love ya! Mucho!

Venassa said...

Uh oh.. you'll be twice as tired once she's on the move! But at the same time that's great that she's almost there.
I adore your bedroom. The bright color makes me happy.

Debbie Gardner said...

The room is really cute. Gray on the walls would look great. Ross has awesome pillows for cheap.

Anonymous said...

Party big. It's a miracle she's made it so far! I went to a party for a child in a similar situation, where they did a balloon release for all the little ones who haven't made it so far. Hundreds of balloons floating up to heaven - It was so neat.

Congrats on making it almost a year. It's a celebration that Emily has, but also that you have!

-stephanie- said...

In answer to your last question...YES!!!

Judy said...

That's ok (as far as only knowing kids show songs)...I was playing a game with friends where you had to come up with song lyrics, and literally the only songs I could think of were nursery rhymes. Thankfully they didn't have kids so I had a slight upper hand when it came to my turn, but it still looked kind of pathetic ;).

Regardless of the laundry, your bedroom looks fabulous!

Lalis said...

That bedroom is looking awesome!

And in answer to your last question,

HECK YES. (As long as it doesn't overwhelm you). Maybe a virtual birthday card for Emily?

Dazee Dreamer said...

heck yes. you do need to celebrate and take a video of her crawling. I'm so excited she pulled herself up!!!! woohoo

Elleny said...

Those pillows are SO cute- I must know where you got them?

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I want to come to her birthday party!!! I can't believe it's been almost a year already. What a year it's been for you. I love your bedding the colors are great! I can't tell, did you paint the nightstands?