Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In The Last 24 Hours

There is a reason I haven't finished my story.
Her name is Emily.

Would you like to know more information than you need to?

Em has never had an easy time with the bowel region of her little body.
You remember that recurring infection that kept her in the hospital for nearly three months?
I think I mentioned at the time that Em's guts hate her.  Literally.
(I just heard of a little heart friend who passed away because of the same infection. Em is blessed.)

Recently a friend suggested that perhaps Emily's throwing up was a result of being blocked up everywhere, and if we fixed that problem, she would stop throwing up.
More than one person told me that their little kids were on a low does antibiotic that helped with motility and keeping everything regular.

When we last saw our pediatrician I asked about the antibiotic.
Em has now been on it for a week.

Let me give you a glimpse of what the last 24 hours have been like at our house.

When Emily woke up yesterday I changed her diaper and her pajamas...because her diaper had soaked through.
I got smart a long time ago and put a waterproof pad down on top of Em's sheet so that I don't always have to change her bedding.
I fed her the first feed of the day, and she immediately threw most of it up.
I gave her a bath and changed her clothes again.

I put her down to play and 30 minutes later Em had a blow out.
A major blow out.
I cut her onesie off of her; there was no way I was pulling it over her head.

I cleaned her up, changed her again, and then gave her her second feed.

She threw up.
I changed her.

Last night as we were just getting ready to leave work I heard an explosion come from the little lady we all love and adore.
I cut her second onesie off of her.
If I had been able to stick her in the tub clothes and all, I would have, but guess what...we don't have a bathtub in my office.  Clearly that was poor planning.  We were already late for an appointment with Em's new speech therapist so I put her in a clean diaper and stuck her in her car seat with nothing else on.

This morning I did a load of laundry and then fed Em her first feed.
She threw up.
She got a bath and then I took a quick shower.

She threw up her second feed because she sneezed and both of us ended up changing clothes.
What? You don't lose your lunch when you sneeze?

Em was on a medicine that would hopefully help dry out her mucous but I had to stop giving it to her because it really really constipated her.

After everyone was clean again we packed up and stopped to run an errand before we went to work.
I got Em out of the car and put her in the stroller.
I covered her with her car seat cover but the sun still got to her.
Guess what happened...

She sneezed...and threw up ALL over herself and her car seat.
I changed her in the back seat of the car, cleaned her car seat the best I could, and changed errands.
We had to go and buy more clothes because I was out of spare outfits for the little miss.

I just took a break from writing this post to feed our girl.
I thought we were in the clear until she sneezed.

It would appear that all these medicines have done is add to my laundry pile.

This outfit was so cute...for the hour she had it on!


Lalis said...

Umm, wow... That sucks.
One thing about antibiotics, they screw with your gut in all sorts of ways. I'd suggest you talk to your doctor about finding something else that helps her tummy move, that's NOT an antibiotic.
Also, I hope this makes you smile. Looks like Emily, like me, suffers from ACHOO syndrome. Meaning, you sneeze when you go out in the light. I kid you not, that is what is called. ACHOO. It stands for Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome. It was one of those pointless things I learned in Evolution that made me laugh. Now they call it photic sneeze reflex but that is boring ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry. I hope things get better.

Sandra said...

Target has some amazing clearance right now because back to school things are coming in. Just sayin'

I hope you guys can get this figured out soon. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like. But she is adorable non the less.

-stephanie- said...

Bless your hearts. I love her. Hugs.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh man. that just really blows. oh man, get it, blows, out of both ends. sorry. couldn't help myself. You do know I love you right?

Jen said...

Poor Mama and Emily. I hope that one day you will be able to laugh about how many onesies you ended up cutting off of her. Until then, prayers for your family to help you get through this and prayers for little miss and her gut!

(Em is blessed. Prayers to your friends that lost their little one. I can't imagine how that must hurt).

Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

She is stinkin' cute!

Karalee said...

I can help solve probably the most minor problem in that messy day. I recently found out about diaper doublers they are sold at babiesRus/toysRus and they are just inserts that go into the diaper to make them more absorbant. They are also the reason I don't have to change my daughter's sheets every morning.