Friday, December 14, 2012

A Night Out On The Town

Becca and I went to the store tonight;  she used her older sister card and told me I couldn't buy this:

She's only older by four minutes but that four minutes gives her a lot of power!

Sometimes I get giddy when Becca agrees to go to the store with me.
It's so rare when I'm able to spend girl time with anyone other than Emily, and when Becca says she'll go with me to the store, even if she really doesn't need to, it just makes me happy.

When we used to live together and do the grocery shopping we would each pick out what we wanted and then just split it all once we got to the check out isle.

More times than not our totals were within $1.00 of each other - no matter how we split the groceries.
That hasn't happened since I got married though.
Probably because Becca doesn't buy diapers.

Tonight we had what we needed in one grocery cart and before we even had a chance to start unloading the cart the cashier asked, "Is this two separate transactions?" and she seemed kind of put out by it.
(We weren't in the express lane, because in the express lane even I think it's cheating if both of us go through with only 10 items, because technically it's 20.)

I told her yes, but that we would separate things so she didn't have to worry about it.

As we walked away I told Becca that my one snarky comment of the evening was going to be that I thought the cashier's comment was dumb.

"Who cares if we're going to separate the items?" I asked her.

Becca said, "We should have said 'They are two separate orders.  Good luck guessing who is going to pay for what!'"  

We laughed and agreed that we need to be quicker on our feet in certain situations.
I told Becca that a customer called yesterday to pay a bill and when I asked him how he wanted to pay for it, he didn't miss a beat before he said, "With Mexican pesos."
I laughed and laughed, and came away thinking I really need to be more witty.

And all of that is just to say that I'm glad my sister only lives three minutes from my house, and that she loves me enough to go look through the Christmas isles at Target.


Venassa said...

Your sister sounds wonderful. I don't get along so well with mine. I love witty people. The Mexican pesos comment made me laugh out loud.. in the office at work :p

Elizabeth said...

Sisters are awesome.

I wish I were quicker on my feet too. Is there a class for that?

xo -E

rplatt said...

I'm glad I went last night..... I had fun also.