Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold

Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day brought things that sparkle.
Both were a complete surprise.

If you happen to step on the edge of our stairs in stocking feet, you are likely to slip.
Our carpet has a thing against socks.
As I was coming down the stairs on Christmas Eve I slipped just as I was opening the baby gate.
My arm caught on the baby gate and as I fell down the rest of the stairs, my arm stayed back with the gate.
Jason came running and found me at the bottom of the stairs fighting to find my breath and willing myself not to pass out.
I hurt - I hurt everywhere, and although I didn't cry, I really wanted to.

Sparkly thing #1

(And this is after the bruise has faded - it was PURPLE two days ago.)

As I was pulling things out of my stocking on Christmas morning, I opened a gift certificate to a jewelry store.
When I opened it and saw the amount I gasped and said to Jason, "We can't afford this!!!"
And to be honest, I was more annoyed than happy.

"WAIT!  Listen to this message," he said as he pulled out his phone.
A week before Christmas Jason got a phone call from a local radio station telling him he had won a gift certificate to the jewelry store.
The amazing thing?
Jason never entered any kind of contest for this gift certificate.

The day after Christmas Jason and I left Emily with her Auntie B and went to the jewelry store.
We came home with sparkly things #2:

Jason felt the need to inform me that he would probably never be able to top this Christmas, and I told him I would lower my expectations for all future Christmases.

Sparkly thing #1 still makes me want to cry every time I so much as move my arm.
And to be honest?
I now have an incredibly large fear of going down the stairs.
You should see me.
If it weren't so pathetic, it would be comical.

I've challenged Jason to a game of Rack-O and he is patiently waiting for me to finish this post.
I'm not sure why I want to play.
The last time we played, which was just two nights ago, he creamed me.
Our final score was 1120 to 405.

Now that Christmas is over I can't wait to share our top secret project with you!

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Julie said...

I with you and your beautiful family the most Blessed New Year!! You deserve the very best. Sorry about the ouch, love the earrings.
Take care Noelle and may the good Lord bless and keep you all safe. Especially from the stairs.