Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things I Learn

When Jason steals my People magazine and reads it before I do:

- Demi Moore is a pretty lady but she's messed up, and her new boyfriend looks like a dweeb.

- Jason feels bad for Harry, David Letterman's son.

- The Bachlorette's wedding is simply ridiculous, but if you can afford it why not?

- JK Rawling's new book is a horrible one.

- Lindsay Lohan is in a world of hurt.

- It can't be healthy for Matthew McConaughey to lose as much weight as he did for his new movie.
 He just looks horrible and it's not worth it.  Sorry.

- Shania Twain is wearing quite the suit.

- David Beckham has a son named Romeo.

- "No way!" ... (but then I don't know the rest because sometimes Jason stops talking in the middle of sentences.)

- Kei$ha spells her name with a dollar sign and she's just as weird as the singer who wore a bacon dress.

- Jason likes Taylor Swift.  She seems like a normal girl.  She was born the year he graduated from high school.  It looks like she'll avoid some of the pitfalls most young stars find themselves in.

He might want to take my computer away from me when he reads this post, but living with Jason can be really fun.  I never know if he's specifically talking to me or just out loud, and although I had something else to post, I thought this was more humorous.

Except that he's gone silent.  Maybe he's really riveted by the article he's reading.

- Princess Kate's baby carriage cost $4000.00 and her shoes are made out of a lot of cork.

He just threw the magazine across the bed and said he can't keep his eyes open.
He played basketball tonight and his weariness just hit him.
And he hopes I won't think less of him or begrudge him or think he's a jerk if he goes to sleep now.

Sorry friends, there will be no more Hollywood according to Jason.

Although, I'm thinking that could be a new blog series!

Emily has been in bed since 10 pm and now that she doesn't have a night feed I could go to bed at the same time she does.
Why do you suppose I don't?

I'll try to have something more riveting to post about tomorrow!


Venassa said...

I didn't know a lot of these.
Oh, the things you learn when reading blogs.

Cap'n Salty said...

BWhahahaha, Hollywood ala Jason is hilarious!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ahaha. Mr. Dazee likes to do the puzzle every week. that is why I can buy the magazine. :)

Ali said...

Yes! New blog series!!