Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have Mercy

May is our busiest month at work.
We're six days in and I'm exhausted.
I got to work Saturday morning at 6:30 and worked until 8:00 that night.  I came home and after loving Emily for a few minutes, and snuggling with her until she fell asleep, I worked until 1:00 in the morning.

I'm so grateful that I can leave Emily with Jason and know that she will be loved and taken care of completely.
While I was at work Jason took Emily on a bike ride.
One of our favorite mountain paths follows a river and Emily was in heaven.

(Are you impressed with Jason's hair combing skills?!  I left him a note that morning telling him to bring Em out to work and I would comb her hair but...)

Sometime around 4:30 Saturday afternoon I took a quick break in the office to grab a bite to eat.
The lights were turned out in hopes that I could hide.
I took one bite before the phone rang.
I thought about ignoring it but finally gave in and answered.

Someone needed to talk to our 'duck lady.'
We sell ducks, chickens, bunnies, and turkeys, and we have an employee who knows everything there is to know about the animals.

I sighed and put my sandwich down and ran to the other end of the store to get the duck lady.
She was helping a customer.
She asked me to take a message, and she promised to call as soon as she was finished.
I ran back to the phone and asked if I could take a message.

"No, you cannot take a message.  This is an emergency.  Tell her that so and so is on the phone and she will want to talk to me."

I sighed again and ran back to the duck lady.

"It's an emergency," I said.  "She won't take no for an answer," I said.

The duck lady said she would take the call and looked at me and said, "I need you to help this customer."


Helping the lady meant catching 6 baby chicks and putting them in a box.
I'm not an animal person.
I've never been an animal person.
I don't even like to pet my sister's dog who is practically a member of the family.

"I'll take that one," the lady would say and I would do my best to catch a chick.
Several times I would have the chick in my hand before the lady would say, "no, I want that one instead."

So there I am - doing my best to catch 6 chickens and all the while the lady is asking me questions about their care.

"I don't know anything about chickens," I said over and over and over again.

Ask me about plants - any plant - ask me to look at a leaf or a flower and identify it - I can probably do it.
Not chickens.
Never chickens.

Finally, after the sixth or seventh question, I looked at the lady and said, "Seriously.  I don't know anything about chickens - not anything.  And no matter how many times you ask me I'll just tell you I don't know."

It was at that point that my dad came out of the stock room with a smile on his face and answered the lady's questions.

I went and washed my hands for 5 minutes before I finally finished my sandwich.

Have I mentioned I'm not an animal person?
My daughter on the other hand?