Monday, June 23, 2014

Simple Reminders

One night last week I stopped at a new park I had seen on the drive home the day before.
In our book, the more slides a park has, the better it is.
This park didn't disappoint and Emily was in heaven.

There were a lot of little kids playing, and one little boy, who was maybe six years old, took an interest in Emily.
After several attempts at talking to her, and only getting little squeaks and finger pointing from her, he turned to me and said, "She's a shy little one isn't she?"

I explained that Emily wasn't shy - she just couldn't talk.

"Really?  She can't say anything?"

"She can say words with sign language," I said, and then asked if he knew what sign language was.
He said he did and we left it at that.

A few minutes later Emily's shoe fell off and the little boy jumped down from where they were playing and got her shoe, and gave it back to her.

Emily made the sign for thank you and the boy looked at me with a question on his face.

"That's 'thank you' in sign language," I told him.

"I had no idea," he said.  He sounded like such a little grown up.

I could tell he was thinking about it for a minute and then he said, "Gracias.  That's thank you in Spanish.  I'm learning a language just like she is."

I immediately got a little teary eyed at the innocence and compassion of this little man.

He wanted nothing more than to relate somehow to Emily - to understand her.
And in his way he did just that.
He took her differences and handled them perfectly, and made it so that there was no difference at all...they were two little kids playing together, both of them learning a language that would allow them to communicate.

In that moment I hoped with all of my heart that people would always show my sweet Emily that much love, and I was reminded of the need there is for me to also extend that same love to everyone I come in contact with.

We should all spend more time at the park...that's the moral of the story.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

They Should Make Longer Ropes

I'm at the end of my rope.
I need something to give, but there is not a single thing that I can change right now to make life less end of my rope-ish.

Here's just a taste of life recently:

My debit card number got hacked.  I caught it after just one charge, and the bank blocked my card.  I don't usually carry cash and so I'm mostly stuck until my new card comes.  Tonight I took Jason's card to go and buy milk.

I ended up in the ER over the weekend due to a mosquito bite that quickly turned into cellulitis.  Enough people told me that cellulitis is not something you mess with, and has the potential to be life-threatening that I took them seriously and went to the ER (it was late enough that no other medical facility was open.)  They put me on a heavy duty antibiotic and it looks like I'm going to live.

Emily's occupational therapist came today and after assuring me that Emily is smarter than any other child he sees, he kindly told me that he feels Em's lack of speech at this point is a more severe problem than we've assumed up to this point.

And this comes after learning this week that insurance won't cover private speech therapy because speech isn't something that Em had and then lost.

The therapist also recognized that keeping Emily from being bored is a full-time job.
And it is.
He gave me a few apps to download that are for preschool/kindergarten age kids - he thinks they will be at the level Emily is ready for.

Bless her heart.
She's leaps and bounds ahead of the game and she can't even say the word hi.

It's becoming a source of frustration for her actually.
Emily is the most calm, patient, happy toddler I've ever known, but in this one thing, she loses patience quickly.  And all the sign language in the world doesn't help that frustration...because in her mind she thinks she's talking, but all that comes out are her little squeaks.

(Speaking of patience...I was texting with a person from our local search and rescue team.  I have some medical supplies I am going to give to the team.  Every single time this guy referred to patients they treat, he spelled it 'patience.'  I wanted to tell him that I could only give him the supplies once he learned how to spell the word right.)

One more little thing and then I'll let you see some pretty cute pictures of our girl.

Let's make a pact right now...that we will never ever ever ask someone when they are going to have another baby.
Say it with me: "I will never again ask a woman when she is going to have a/another baby."

I don't need to elaborate on the reasons why we're making such a pact right?
Because I will.
If I need to.
I'm just worried I might not be able to make it sound nice...and stuff.

Here - some pictures.
This little waterfall is right outside of my office.
When Em needs a break this is where we go.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

For The Three Of You Who Still Read This Blog

I'm so tired of May.


It's June.

I've never been more grateful in all of my days for a month to be over with.
May was brutal.
Long hours at work - even longer hours at home after work - doing more work - and a stack of paperwork so high I may never get caught up.

And let's not even talk about the current state of my house.
Jason ran next door tonight to give the neighbors something and he came back and said, "Their house doesn't even look lived in.  Unlike our house..."

There was a pause and then, "But I'm glad our house looks lived in."

If there is some subtle message there I'm choosing to ignore it.
I did clean a bathroom tonight so that has got to count for something.

Jason will be gone for three out of the four weeks in June - I'm probably going to be coming here the end of June with something like "June.  I'm so tired of June."

If I could have anything in the world?
It would be a nap.
A nap that could last for hours if I wanted it to.

Speaking of...

If I knew the source of this picture I would site it.  I borrowed it from Facebook.

My goal for this week is to return three of the phone calls I've ignored - all regarding meetings and appointments I need to make so that we can move forward with Emily's next phase of therapies.

(Are you going to think I'm a bad mom if I mention here that therapies make me weary?  Especially therapies that we've had Em's whole life - once or twice a month - that as of yet - have shown very little benefit.)

((Can you even pluralize therapy?))

My other goal for this week is to make an appointment with the dentist  - both for me and for Emily.  I've had a temporary filling since last November that has long lost its effectiveness ... with my luck I'll need another root canal because I've put it off for so long.

And Em needs her teeth cleaned, and it will require sedation to do it ... which will require a visit to our favorite children's hospital.  (Are you going to think I'm a bad mom if I mention here that trips to the children's hospital make me weary?)

*See above statement about naps.  At this point even sleeping makes me weary.*

Emily is happy and well taken care of - and that makes up for every other thing I don't get done in my life.
I could post every day for the next three months and still not have shown you every picture I've taken of her that I'm in love with.

I need to do a scrapbook.
Oh for the love ... who am I kidding ...
If I had time to make a scrapbook I'd take a nap.

My computer just told me that unless I plug it into a power source it will sleep soon.
Even my computer gets a nap.