Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Checking In From Moose Creek Ranch

For the next few days we are nestled into a cabin that sits on the edge of a small stream, where the air is clean and smells of conifers, and the night sky is filled with stars that you wouldn't even begin to see in the city.
After Emily was fast asleep Jason and I snuck out of the cabin and went for a walk.  The air was cool and it was beautiful.  We didn't go far...although Jason reassured me that his headlamp would be a sufficient weapon against any bear we might encounter, I didn't believe him.

We are minutes away from both Jackson Hole and the Teton National Park.
We drove to see the Grand Teton tonight.
The sun was in the absolute worst possible place for a decent picture, but as it turns out, I'm in love with the picture I got.

Do you see that tallest peak?
Jason has climbed that.  Listening to his description of that hike, I'm grateful he did it before he became a husband and a father.

The stream that is gurgling right outside my window is lulling me to sleep, but let me share my other favorite picture so far from our trip.

God has given us such a beautiful place to live...I hope that you can see that beauty wherever you are.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Emily

We love you sweet girl.
Thank you for coming into our family three years ago.