Monday, November 17, 2014

The Conclusion

So much for my resolution to write every day this month...

Last you knew, Emily likely had a fractured hip.
We met with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and after looking over the x-rays he told us that Em did not have a fracture...he couldn't see anything wrong with her hip.

"Maybe she sprained it," he said.

And then, as almost a side note he said, "You might want to watch her for signs of leukemia, but from an orthopedic standpoint she's fine."

Watch her for signs of leukemia.

I called the pediatrician that same morning and told her about the appointment.
She said to me, "I'm ordering blood work now.  She doesn't show any signs of leukemia, but let's just take this off the table."

And so within just a couple of hours of the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon Em and I made our way to the hospital to get blood drawn.

That little girl was such a trooper.  She was nervous but we sang the ABC song through once and by the time we finished the song the nurse was done with taking her blood.

The nurses loved Em's rendition of the ABC's and commented on how cute she was.

Thankfully, the pediatrician called me back that afternoon with the results ... Em's blood work was clear.

To be honest, I was worried for a little while.
I spend part of my life just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I was really worried that leukemia would be that other shoe.

It's not rational, I know, but given Emily's history, I don't know how to turn that part of my brain off.
I think it was the next day when I finally sat down for a few minutes and just cried.

Emily continued to limp until just a few days ago.

She's now got a miserable cold and we've had to keep her home from school, but in spite of not feeling well she's her happy self.

Thanks to all of you who checked in on the little miss ... we so appreciate your love and concern!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

Emily started limping on Sunday and we had no idea why. She didn't act like she was in pain other than the limp. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday for a flu shot and mentioned the limp. The pediatrician watched her walk and after a few minutes said, "I'm going to order an x-ray."

They took x-rays of both of her legs, from her hips to her feet. I should have had the results this morning but didn't hear back from the doctor until this afternoon.

Two different radiologists looked at the x-rays and both of them came up with the same tentative conclusion: there is a spot on Em's left hip and their best guess is that Em's hip is fractured. They have a hard time believing their answer though because Em shows no signs of pain other than the limp, and has not been injured.

The pediatrician is personally calling a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to schedule an emergency appointment and to get his opinion on the x-rays. I will hear back tomorrow from the pediatrician about that conversation.
The pediatrician ended the conversation with this: "If it's not a fracture, it's something, and we'll figure out what our next option is. Just sit tight until you hear back from me."

Emily does not need another something in her life. She really doesn't.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Halloween Looked Like

My beautiful girl ... 

...who just happened to love everything about Halloween, especially the trick or treating.

(Ironic because she won't eat the candy.  She loved smelling it though.  At one point last night she was sitting on the floor with her head in her candy bag just absorbing the smells of the chocolate.)

If you ever wanted to meet the Scrooge of Halloween all you would need to do is say hi to me.
I'm not a fan of the holiday.
It's cute ... until it's not.

Here's an example.

We went trick-or-treating with my sister-in-law and her three kids.
Her youngest is a girl, just a few weeks younger than Emily.

We were in my sister-in-law's neighborhood and someone there does a haunted garage every year.
It's quite the attraction, and at times there is a line to get in.

My nephews wanted to go and so Amber (my sis-in-law) took her boys while Jason and I stayed outside with the girls.

My niece was already nervous about her mom not being there, and she was crying a little bit because it was dark, there was loud spooky music, and in front of the home with the haunted garage there were people dressed as creepy cats ... or something.

There were about seven or eight of them and they slinked around, doing a pretty great job of creating a feeling of unease, even for me.

We were at least one house away from them and they started towards us.  My niece cried and clung to me saying, "they're coming closer Noelle...I don't like them at all."

When they got to us my niece was terrorized.

I got mad and said to the cats," Seriously?  Why do you think we're this far back from that house?  Can you not see what you're doing to this little girl?  Get the heck out of here."

I turned my niece away from them and said again for good measure, "GET OUT OF HERE!"

They slinked away and we walked further down the street to wait for Amber and her boys.
Emily didn't seem to be bothered by them, thankfully, but it took my sweet little niece several minutes to calm down.

One of these days I'm going to start a petition to ban the celebration of Halloween by anyone over the age of 12.  

Or not.