Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life Lately

One of us, or all of us at the same time, has been sick since the last time I posted.
We're really sick of sick.

One lousy case of the 24 hour yuck and a back that was thrown out - that was Jason.

One horrible bout of debilitating vertigo, an order to stay in bed to avoid pneumonia, two plus weeks of feeling kind of crummy - that was me.

And weeks and weeks of illness, some of it undefined - that's our girl.
It's getting old - it got old a long time ago.

She's had a cold for forever, but for the last twelve days she's had a consistent fever that we can't figure out.  Her temperature ranges from 100-103 ... and when it's above 101 she's miserable.  On top of that, a chest x-ray shows that she's got the beginning phase of pneumonia.  We had blood work done yesterday, and so far everything looks normal.

If she hasn't improved by Thursday, we have to take her back in for another round of tests.

She's missed two of the last three weeks of school, and at this point we're not sure when we will be able to take her back.  Honestly, we're not sure if we want to take her back.  School is about the only place she's exposed to germs, and those germs have not been our friends this winter.

In spite of it not feeling well, Emily is pure joy.  I know I say that regularly, or as regularly as I post, but it's true.

Emily stayed home with Jason today and I went to work.
When I got home tonight Em and Jason were resting on our bed.
Jason was watching the news, and Em was laying next to him watching something on the iPad.
I went in and laid down next to Em and although she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, she didn't say anything.

It was a few minutes later when her show ended and she basically threw the iPad at Jason and then threw herself into my arms and said, "Hi!"  She snuggled with me for for a few minutes and told me all about her day.

We've spent a lot of time snuggling the last several weeks, and Jason and I enjoy every minute.

We recently cut Em's hair, and every single person who sees her, stranger or not, comments on it.

I'll post my favorite pictures of Em from the last month, and then I'll try to post again before the fourth of July.

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Unknown said...

Emily is SO grown up -- she is just beautiful.

And I hear ya on the sick of being sick! I am sick of it too here and winter --- SO tired of snow! :)

Unknown said...

She is so beautiful. Hopefully everyone is well now!

Lani said...

Just wanted to say hi! I used to follow you way-back-when and took a 5 year break from blogging... I'm coming back though! Look forward to catching up on your blog!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Oh my gosh, it's been way too long since I stopped by. I'm sorry you've all been sick but she is such a doll! Glad you're feeling blessed.

Hope all get back to good health very soon. xo

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love the new haircut. Soooooo cute